Feb 8, 2015

Sharing Happiness with your Loved Ones with Coca-Cola this CNY


The Chinese New Year (CNY) is upon us and it has always been one of my top 2 favourite periods of the year, with the other being Christmas. Expectantly, Chinese New Year is the time when we get to embark on a whirlwind tour of house visits which provide excellent opportunities to catch up with many relatives and friends, and of course ample excuses to feast and celebrate.

There is always something in common whenever food is in the picture, no? Especially if it involves the tossing up of food high up into the air. After all, how often can one legitimately play with one's food this way without risking a scolding? No wonder the boys love the yusheng bit the most when CNY rolls along... okay, so collecting ang pows is still their top fave activity but it comes in a close second.

For me though, the most memorable part of the Chinese New Year isn't the festivities on the actual days. Rather, it is the preparation before that... or the making of our very own bak kwa (or roasted sweetened pork) together with the boys to be precise.

The boys and I have been making our DIY bak kwa for the past 3 years, and they love the entire process! Which is a good thing too, considering how the price of bak kwa escalates ever so crazily come every CNY time. But most importantly, it is the time spent together and bonding while kneading the minced pork that truly matters.

Add a refreshing twist on top of bonding with your loved ones by spreading good fortune in the upcoming Year of the Goat with the 8 auspicious Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans, specially designed for this Chinese New Year!

Each distinctive can bear lucky Chinese characters and comes in eight auspicious designs - "Happiness", "Wealth", "Abundance", "Good Luck", "Prosperity", "Fortune", "Peace" and "A Smooth Year".

Each can signifies a different wish to be shared with special design elements that bring out the symbolism behind each greeting, such as Chinese coins to represent fortune and a rice bucket to symbolise abundance.

The combination of contemporary design graphics with traditional calligraphic greeting characters is used to bridge the generation gap, which makes it a meaningful way to share the drink this CNY.

The 8 auspicious can designs are already available at all stores and frankly, I will be hard-pressed to choose only a few from the designs. So I recommend keeping an eye out for Coca-Cola’s special shrink-wrapped box carton designs if you are intending to spread the joy (and luck) with everyone by purchasing in bulk!

To further up the festive mood and help people connect with one another, Coca-Cola has created a Happiness Greeting Machine which allows friends and family to digitally share good fortune and prosperity with their loved ones - perfect for those with family and friends living overseas.

The Happiness Greeting Machines will be located at 20 hyper/supermarkets across the island and by purchasing any Coca-Cola products (excluding single cans and 500ml bottles), shoppers can create their own personalised New Year greeting message and send it to a loved one or friend, along with a digital auspicious Coca-Cola can, via text message or e-mail!

And for each digital can and Chinese New Year greeting shared, shoppers will also receive an auspicious can of their choice and a free gift from Coca-Cola. They will also be able to spin the Auspicious Wheel of Happiness, with the chance to win other great Chinese New Year goodies. How's that for win-win happiness?

Chinese New Year is all about sharing good fortune with your family and friends.  So if you are looking for a unique way to CNY, an ice-cold can of auspicious Coca-Cola will be the perfect complement to the traditional Mandarin oranges!

For more details on the Happiness Greeting Machines and its store locations, visit www.coca-cola.com.sg.

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