Apr 1, 2015

3 Frustrations Parents Face When It Comes to their Kids' Math Problem Sums


Hands up, parents. All those who feel like puking blood or pulling out your hair when it comes to teaching or asking your primary school-going kids to practice Math problem sums. I feel your pain and sorrow... simply because these frustrations are nothing new.

1. Too boring and repetitive to sit them down and do tons of problem sums over and over again.

I will be the first to admit - those boring paper-based Math assessment books are not exactly the kind of exciting stuff that I will want to be doing day in, day out. So how can I expect my kids to feel otherwise? 

2. Too many choices of Math assessment books in the market.

Even if my kids are a die-hard fan of Math assessment books, choosing the appropriate one, or the one that gives the most bang for my buck, is not a walk in the park given the wide array of choices available in the bookstore. How can I be sure the one, or two, or three assessment books that I buy will give my kids the right Math practice?

3. The need to mark the assessment books.

Even though detailed working answers are provided at the back of most Math assessment books, marking the kids' completed work can still be a chore. And don't get me started on trying to explain the correct solutions to the kids - that itself can an extremely brain-draining exercise.

One purpose of problem sums is to develop kids' logical and abstract thinking and mental discipline so it really is an unavoidable challenge in school. But if you had been following my blog, you would have known that all these frustrations are all but a thing of the past.

All thanks to ProblemSums by Koobits.

ProblemSums by KooBits is an online maths learning portal for primary students and boasts the largest collection of challenging Math word problems and video lessons, featuring more than 700 mathematical skills for a child to master in the form of daily learning activities.

On top of that, it personalises Math learning for each child through a set of customised daily challenges designed based on the child’s learning profile over time. Already, more than 30 primary schools in Singapore have adopted this online Math learning portal as a platform for their pupils to engage in self-directed learning.

You can read in detail about the various advantages that come with the learning portal in my previous post HERE but the one aspect that has been a clear winner with both Ash and Ayd since Day 1 is the portal breaks down the usual tedious Math problem-solving homework into several bite-sized challenges and enables them to tackle Math challenges as and when they are free and willing.

We are nearing a month since they signed up for the portal and they never fail to remind me about their uncompleted Math challenges every day. Because unlike the boring paper-based Math assessment books, the portal makes it fun and motivating for them to WANT to do the problem sums on their own accord!

Remember what I mentioned about having too many choices of Math assessment books in the market? With Koobits, there are more than 10,000 problem sums in each primary level which have been set and curated by a team of former teachers and aligned to the MOE syllabus. On top of that, the questions that a child will attempt will be based on his/her level of proficiency which will not dampen a child's learning enthusiasm if he/she is weaker in Math.

And fret not if you are still worried about having to do the marking. The portal comes with auto-marking features with step-by-step solutions for all questions are provided using problem solving strategies, heuristics, models and diagrams.

Better yet, the portal can be accessed from anywhere on a PC, Mac, iPad, Android or other tablets, as long as there is an internet connection. 

Yes, even Ale was piqued by the immense interest shown to the portal by her 2 older brothers. Actually I am not surpised - especially when the challenges are incentive-based which allows them to earn Challenge Points in order to exchange for wonderful prizes, like movie tickets!

If you want your child to get a slice of the (fun) action, how does a FREE 6-month trial sound?

I have said it in my previous post and I will say it again - there are absolutely NO strings attached, and NO questions asked after the end of the trial period. There is even NO credit card information needed to register!

So as you can see, those days of puking blood and pulling hair are no more. Not when I have Koobit's ProblemSums portal to keep the boys (and myself) happy.

To sign up for the FREE 6-month trial, click HERE.
For more information on Koobits, visit http://products.koobits.com/problemsums/ 

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