May 20, 2015

Eighth time’s the Charm for Cold Storage Kids Run 2015

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This year's Cold Storage Kids Run was into its eight edition, and it was the first time that everyone in the family agreed unanimously that this was the best organised one yet.

In case you didn't know, Ash holds the distinction in the family of being the only one who has been running in every single Cold Storage Kids Run since its inception in 2008. And seeing how the venue has changed from the Padang and F1 Pit Building to The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay over the years, I have to say I prefer the current location for its wide open spaces and non-claustrophobic surroundings.

For starters, this year's run had actually reduced the total number of participants from 6,000 to 5,000 so that the venue do not get too overcrowded.

The carpark at The Meadows was also closed this year, and incorporated into the running route which saw a markedly improved running experience. The width at hot spots was doubled to reduce bottlenecks and other parts of the route had also been changed to ease the flow of runners.

The result? Ash and Ayd comfortably completed their 1.6km runs and added yet another finisher's medal to their collection - even though all of us had to wake up at 6am (ugh!!!) for their run.

As for Ale's run, I was once again the designated running companion.

Our first Dad & Daughter ‪run last year‬ was cruelly cut short by a massive downpour last year and even though she still collected a medal last year for her efforts, it was just not the same.

So for this year, this little Diva was determined to finish the entire 800m all on her own.

As usual, she was so quick off the blocks in the beginning that I could barely keep up with her. Fatigue soon set in by the halfway mark though, and she slowed to a walking pace. But she soon perked up when she saw her brothers and Mummy cheering in the distance!

Nothing like some encouragement from your loved ones to lift one's spirits!

Photo courtesy of David, Life's Tiny Miracles
From then on, she did not look back as she chugged all the way to the finish line.

Her first-ever 800m that she completed all on her own - and she celebrated the achievement by going on a whirlwind mission to snap photos of her posing with all mascots in the shortest possible time. Lol.

One of the major complaints from parents when it comes to kids runs is the looooong waiting time that the kids are kept in the holding tents just before their respective races. This was also one of my main bugbear for last year's edition where Ale and I waited in the holding area for close to 40 minutes before we could run. Multiply this by the huge number of 2 to 4 year olds who were being cooped up as well and you can probably imagine how much crankiness was involved.

This year's edition was completely the opposite. Everything ran like clockwork and each race category was flagged off on the dot, ensuring that all of the races started on time. In fact, Ale's race category was scheduled to start at 8.45am and by 9.05am, we were all done and ready to head home!

So yes, we will definitely be back for the ninth edition!

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