May 2, 2015

Kids in the Audience call the shots at The Fantastical Story Factory!

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Just what is The Fantastical Story Factory all about?

I have to admit - I was pretty clueless when I first heard about it. I know it is something along the lines of a musical geared towards kids and that it does not follow a script. And... that was about it really.

But what I did not expect was the huge doses of insane fun and revelry that came with the show. Because The Fantastical Story Factory is just not your usual musical for kids. How can it be, seeing that the one-hour show is entirely decided by the kids in the audience - who the characters are, where the story is set, what happens next and kids can even join in on stage!

Throughout the show, the actors gather character names, habits, places, and adjectives from the young audience and work them into a storyline complete with song, dance and cleverly improvised music. On the spot and totally unscripted.

I for one, was left utterly impressed by the talent and skill that went into this improvised musical. It was amazing to see the actors piece together a rhyming song about a Dungeon Master who has this peculiar picky habit inherited from Goldilocks - every suggestion came from the kids in the audience! - at a moment’s notice and burst into a synchronised dance act... AND having the audacity to call up kids onto the stage to join in even!

Yes, Ale enjoyed herself so much that she was adamant about going on stage as well.

The show was a hoot and clearly, the boys enjoyed it tremendously given that most of the humour is generated by the children themselves - "what does the Dungeon Master say to the Princess for hurting her feelings?" asks one of the actress and "I'm sorry for eating your bananas" came the inspired reply in the audience... and off the cast went in conjuring up a hilarious song about bananas!

Ayd's suggestion of setting one of the scenes at a volcano was even incorporated into the show and the cast tore pieces of cardboard and threw them into the air to simulate lava erupting from a volcano.

Unbelievable but the show is that spontaneous and quite frankly, this had got to be one of the more refreshing kids' musical/show/play that I have seen in a long long while.

So applause indeed to The Fantastical Story Factory for a musical well done. Not only did it tickled everyone - young and old - in the audience, it showed parents like me how a little absurdity and uninhibited storytelling can ignite the kids' fantastical imagination!

With no two shows being the same since suggestions come from the audience, this factory is truly well worth a visit.

But hurry though! The Fantastical Story Factory will only be playing for TWO more shows - one today (2 May 2015) and the final one tomorrow (3 May 2015). There is no minimum age for this performance so DO NOT miss it!

Useful Information

The Fantastical Story Factory
1 - 3 May 2015; 3pm daily
SOTA Drama Theatre
$58, $48, $38
*Get a further 15% discount for Mastercard credit cards! (Limited Period)
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