Aug 10, 2015

Enjoy being nine, Ayd!

Today's the 9th birthday of Ayd - not that he needed any reminding, simply because he has been looking forward to this day immediately AFTER the day he turned eight last year!

But yeah, he is nine today. My second baby who is responsible for making me a Dad a second time around nine years ago today. Even though it feels like only a few months when I first caught sight of his gooey and slimy self.

I am amazed how blessed I feel all these years to be his Dad, that he has given both the wifey and I the chance to guide him, love him and enjoy all the little moments life has to offer us. If you asked me to describe Ayd, I would say… loving, sweet, kind, and caring. And there is one thing about him I know for sure, he LOVES Ash and Ale!

But we also see the growing boy he is becoming and boy, do we love what we are seeing.

I love that I can see the best of both the wifey and myself in him.  Her love of reading and my love of puzzle-solving. I love his thoughtfulness and amazing capacity for thinking through the logical implications of things.

He's also polite, kind and pure-hearted who always give others the benefit of doubt... sometimes even to his own detriment. I love his sense of adventure, and his willingness to try out new experiences.

But I also love that he is not afraid to show his feelings and always quick to provide a comforting arm around the shoulder or a few supportive words whenever his siblings need it, even to his parents too!

Most importantly, I love all the little things that have given him his individuality over these past nine years. The boy who loves his food (Both his grandmas especially LOVE watching him eat the food that they cook for him). The boy who is amazingly compassionate towards his older brother and younger sister. The boy who never fails to give everyone hugs and kisses. The boy who loves cracking jokes (although I think that sense of humour could use more work).

I love all these things about dear Ayd – and so much more. Of course there are a few things about him that could be a little better but everyone is forever a work-in-progress. Because knowing him, he is always determined to keep on improving himself.

And even though I look forward to seeing what the age of 9 brings him, my heart aches a little more every birthday seeing how he is growing up all too fast. But I will always remember his promise of giving the wifey and I hugs even when he is a teenager. And you can be darn sure that I will be holding him to that.

Happy 9th Birthday, Ayd!

I love you with all that I have.

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SengkangBabies said...

Happy 9th Birthday Ayden, and many more Happy Returns!

cheers, Andy

Cheekiemonkies said...

Thanks Andy! :)

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