Aug 28, 2015

How PNKids Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Made Me a Happy Parent


If you have been regularly following my blog, you will know that my child feeding mantra has always been simple: it is better to put the good stuff in than keep the bad stuff out. In other words, even though I would forbid my monkies to consume all things sugary (or overly salty) in an ideal world, everyone deserves to indulge once in a while. BUT only if something good goes into their systems along with it. 

One food rule that we have around the household has always been in order to earn dessert, you have to finish your vegetables and/or fruit. You just have to eat the good stuff in order to eat the bad stuff. If you opt to skip the good stuff, Daddy eats your ice cream.

But with the monkies starting to form their opinions, it can get ultra challenging sometimes when it comes to making sure that they are getting enough nutrients for growth. And rather than forcing them to devour something they detest, I figured it might actually be better (for my sanity) to provide a balanced diet for the monkies where possible and fill the gap in nutrition with other sources. 

Like the Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup from PNKids.

Ask any parents what are their top 5 parenting concerns, you can guarantee that one of them would be whether their child is getting enough nutrients for growth. Now that the boys are of school-going age and can exercise their right to buy what their heart and tummy prefers in the school canteen – and knowing that popcorn chicken will always triumph over a plate of rice with stewed meat and vegetable – the nagging worry about whether they are getting enough nutrients for their growth will always be present.

But with PNKids' newly launched Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup, which is formulated with 21 essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and lysine in a delicious great-tasting mango flavor and is suitable for infants and children aged 12 months and older, that worry is a thing of the past.

You may have noticed that the syrup comes in either a 'For Boys' or 'For Girls' packaging in the photo above. And while the contents of the syrup is essentially the same, it is the extra gifts that come within each box that is geared towards either girls or boys.

For the record, Ale was so eager to see what was in the box!

Looking at the eagerness of Ale in wanting to try the syrup, I guess PNKids is not ranked Number 1 in Singapore for nothing then - it has been ranked the No.1 Kids MultiVitamin Brand in Singapore in the Western Pharmacy stores in 2014, based on Nielsen report.

In fact, not only has PNKids has been awarded “Top Brand” in the kid’s dietary supplements category, its wide range of award-winning health supplements are manufactured only from premium grade ingredients and strictly without artificial flavours and colours.

With the inclusion of 21 Vitamins & Minerals which have been specifically chosen to support optimal growth and development for ‘picky-eaters’ and help in building up their appetite, PNKids' Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup is THE complete nutritional syrup formulation that provides a natural enhancer for your kids' daily nutritional needs and immune system.

Sounds all well and good. But what of the important taste test?

The syrup comes in Mango flavour, and its taste has been tuned to the tastes of South East Asian children - which can only mean one thing: the monkies loved it!

Kids aged between 1 and 3 years old require a daily intake of 5ml while those older can consume 10ml. Yes, even toddlers can have it too and that perhaps is Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup's greatest selling point - it is designed for toddlers who are making their transition from “fortified milk formula” to standard cow’s milk due to its complete nutritional syrup formulation. Definitely a much cheaper option!

All you have to do is to pour the syrup into a glass of milk, juice or even plain water. It can even be added onto food.

The syrup adds a light sweet fruity taste to the drink that - as you can probably tell - all the monkies love.

Already, I can can see this being a great time-saver for everyone in the family. I just have to pour the daily intake of syrup into the monkies' milk or MILO every day and have them down it in a jiffy. Fuss-free and definitely a more economical option.

So you win, PNKids. With Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup, I can rest easy knowing that my monkies are still getting the key essential vitamins and minerals required to fuel their growing years.... while they are still happily tucking into their popcorn chicken.

And if they are happy, I am happy too.

PNKids' Complete MultiVitamin + Minerals Syrup is suitable for vegetarians, Lactose-free and Gluten-free with no artificial colours, no artificial flavours and no preservatives. It is retailing in all chainstore pharmacies, supermarkets, departmental stores and speciality stores in Singapore.

For more information, visit or stay updated with PNKids Singapore's Facebook Page.

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