Aug 17, 2015

So A-MEH-zing, You GOAT to Check These Murals Out

Last year, big cocks and giant fishes were spotted around in Tiong Bahru estate and the monkies had immense fun coming up with funny poses! This year, it is the turn of gigantic goats to take over Tiong Bahru.

More specifically, there are three goat murals and all of them are scattered around Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre... which makes it relatively easier to locate this time around.

Just like the cocks and fishes, the goat murals are the work of Ernest Goh, a photographer and visual artist.

The goat murals sure looked incredibly lifelike and for some strange reason, the goats' eyes seem to be watching me as I walked past them!

The fun thing about wall murals is that everyone can come up with their own interpretation, and think of numerous silly poses and moves in front of the camera.

So the previous 2 murals definitely looked cute but that was because we had not found the third one yet!

How adorable is this baby goat??? And just about the same height as Ale too!

I love these set of goat wall murals, and even more so since the locations of the murals are situated at one main location which makes it extremely convenient for parents to bring along their little ones to hunt them down.

So if you intend to head down to see the murals but do not want to play hide-and-seek, I have included the locations of three of them below. I know the goat murals are actually kids, or baby goats, but Ale had lovingly named them as Papa Goat, Mama Goat and Baby Goat so who am I to disagree?

Papa Goat
Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre
Along Seng Poh Road, near to Car Park entrance

Mama Goat
Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre
Along Kim Cheng Street, nearer to Lim Liak Street

Baby Goat
Tiong Bahru Market and Food Centre
Inside Level 1 Market and beside a staircase, facing Lim Liak Street

Here is a map, where I had marked out the 3 locations of the goat wall murals.

Oh, and don't forget to look out for other wall murals at Tiong Bahru Market too. These murals are part of a Heritage and Art project where 40 Hawker Centres across Singapore were spruced up with murals on their walls in celebration of SG50. More than 70 schools and organizations have taken part in painting them which aims to showcase the heritage of Singapore's hawker centres and the areas they are in.

Have fun goat-spotting! :)

Note: Again, I do not know how long the murals will stay up, so better hurry!!!

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