Sep 30, 2015

Sunday Brunches just got Bouncier at Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro

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How do you tell when an eatery will be a hit with the kids? When their eyes open wide and they start chattering excitedly even before we step into the eatery proper.

All thanks to this colourful, puffed-up structure.

Tucked away on the ever popular and busy East Coast Road food belt, Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro is a spacious venue surrounded by lush greenery, comprising of indoor and outdoor seating with a relaxing, welcoming vibe.

For lucky East Coast-dwellers, this is a great hangout spot as Mel's Place exudes a laid-back vibe, perfect settings for that late Sunday brunch with the family and friends.

Of course, there is indoor air-conditioned seating as well which makes for the perfect respite if the weather gets too hot - or if there's the irritating haze!

But if the weather is fine, I will recommend taking a seat outdoors... just so that the kids will be busy doing their thing, but still under the parents' watchful eyes.

Yes, which kid can resist these cheery bouncy castles?

Every Sunday from 11am to 3pm, Mel’s Place serves up a hearty Sunday brunch menu, together with a bouncy castle just so that parents can eat (and talk) in peace while their kids can jump and slide themselves silly.

Nothing like a good workout before tucking into brunch!

If the kids get tired of the tumble-and-rumble sort of fun, they can always try hitting balls with a stick.

Or practice throwing things on round boards.

The food menu at Mel’s Place is modern European-inspired and offers an extensive choice of bistro like dishes such as fresh seafood appetizers, finger food, pastas, pizzas, steaks and white meat such as chicken and pork. But for Sunday brunch, there is a different menu on offer and as far as Sunday brunches go, it does not get any better than a plate of Mel's Big Breakfast (S$18).

A complete breakfast platter of smoked chicken cheese sausage, sunny side up eyes, grilled tomatoes, salad, toast and bacon strips, this was the perfect start to our brunch. And it got better... for Ale especially.

You see, the Pancakes (S$14) came slapped with salted caramel, banana, strawberries and the perennial kids' fave, Nutella! The pancakes were fluffy, non-greasy and were greatly complemented with the salted caramel and nutella.

Speaking of fluffy, the Fluffy Omelette (S$14) was a stand-out winner because quite frankly, with a name like that, how can the omelette NOT be fluffy???

The monkies adore omelettes so I guess it really says something when this dish was the first of the lot to be wiped clean!

If you have a huge appetite, go for the Mel's Brunch Burger (S$20) which consists the full works of grilled chicken breast, bacon, egg, fresh onion, romaine lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise... and all sandwiched with a charcoal bun!

It was definitely more than enough to feed two hungry and growing boys. But was it good? I don't know because I did not even get the chance to sample a miserable morsel before everything was wiped clean.

I did get to try the Parma Ham & Melscun salad with Feta Cheese & Cherry Tomato Pizza ($24) though.

Who doesn’t love a thin crust pizza? The taste of the ham, cheese and salad blended very well together and I think I ended up having more than half of the pizza. *burp*

Kids Menu comes in the form of Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Pasta and Baguette with Chicken Cheese Sausage (S$8 each). And just for Sunday Brunch, one child dines FREE with every main course ordered!  

Mel's Place also features a live band performance every Friday and Saturday from 8.30pm to 11pm, so customers can chill out to the melodious sounds in the air while enjoying a drink - and catching live screenings of football matches too!

For the kids though, the bouncy castle will always remain as the main draw.

Quiet ambient and family-friendly, Mel’s Place is the perfect rustic reprieve right in the heart of the East Coast food belt where parents can take time to enjoy their Sunday brunch while the kids are kept suitably occupied.

Useful Information

Mel’s Place Bar & Bistro 
2A Kuo Chuan Avenue 426897
Tel: +65 6440 3573
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs 4pm till 1am | Fri, Sat & PH 4pm till 2am | Sun 11am till 1am
Sunday Brunch with Bouncy Castle: 11am to 3pm every Sunday; One child dines FREE with every main course ordered.

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