Nov 27, 2015

Healthy Snacking, The Laughing Cow Way!


Stroll down the aisle of the cheese section of any supermarket and I'm pretty sure you have seen the portrait of certain cows laughing amid the rows of cheese products.

One of the world’s leading brands, The Laughing Cow is a family-owned cheese maker head-quartered in Paris, France and has in fact, accompanied children through each growing stage since 1973.

The Laughing Cow Cheese Slices should be familiar to all, since it comes in the usual square shapes but boasting that extra creamy texture that makes it the perfect ingredient for sandwiches - as my monkies will attest to!

But the one thing that they absolutely love is The Laughing Cow 8 Portions Cheese Spread which come in seven different flavours. The Creamy, Light, Ham and Strawberry flavours are available in individual packaging while the other three flavours - Paprika, Herbs and Mushrooms - are sold in one Selection Pack.

The monkies love spreading the cheese on bread, crackers or just simply eating it as a snack. I believe being deliciously smooth, delightfully tasty and creamy has something to do with it. As for me, I am just thankful that the cheese comes in a portion-controlled wedges - so that the monkies do not grumble that I finish up the cheese! Oops.

Fortunately though, they have since found a new love.

The Laughing Cow Belcube Cheese Spread are individually-wrapped mini cubes of tantalisingly soft and creamy cheese that come in a variety of flavours. The cubes of cheese are so cute that someone cannot wait to lay her hands on them!

And eventually popped one into the mouth, she did.

The cheese cubes come in four different packaging: Blue (Original plain flavour), Green (plain, tomato, ham flavours), Yellow (plain, cheddar, smoked cheese flavours) and Purple (plain, onion & ham flavours). Ham seems to the the favoured flavour among the monkies.

But no matter which flavour, I love how the cubes are a great bite-sized snack for everyone to enjoy. They are lovely straight from the fridge when the kids fancy a quick snack that will not spoil their appetite, popping into lunchboxes or even tossed into salads.

For cheese on the go, look no further than The Laughing Cow Cheez Dippers.

A cleverly convenient combo of delicious cheese spread with crunchy mini-breadsticks that are ready to dip, these snack-sized portions are perfect solutions to solving the monkies' instant hunger pangs between meals when we are out.

With so many varied The Laughing Cow cheese products to choose from, each product can be enjoyed in many different ways to boost the tastiness and fun in every bite. Which makes it the ideal snack for the festive parties coming up, as compared to the usual sweets and chips.

Want a greater incentive to purchase The Laughing Cow cheese products this festive season? Receive a free Happy Bowl when you purchase any of two The Laughing Cow products!

This Happy Bowl is made of high-quality, durable plastic bowl from non-toxic materials and microwave friendly. There are 3 colours - red, yellow and green - in all to collect.

Promotion period is until 31 December 2015 and you can redeem the Happy Bowl at participating supermarket customer service counter. While stocks last, of course.

The above photo was taken last week and suffice to say, our cheese supply did not last for long. The monkies have already asked if we can buy more so I can definitely see myself collecting the other colours of the Happy Bowl range then.

That, and The Laughing Cow cheese becoming a fridge staple in the household.

For more information on The Laughing Cow’s family of products, visit the official website at

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