Jan 11, 2016

Ah Boy to Man

There are certain rites of passage that 
a boy must pass before he attains manhood. 

And learning how to tie a tie is one of them.

Last week on the first day of school, Ash did just that.

Ash has been given the new responsibilities of a prefect for the new school year and part of the appointment required him to don a tie every school day. Yah, darn hot I know.

But he is relishing and proud of it.

For me, I am proud too that I am able to teach him the way of tying a tie.

Because I think the bonding between Dad and son further cements when I coached him on the way to tie a tie, and gives him that seal of approval when he finally masters the task.

But yet on another note, a part of me feels a little sad on knowing that my boy is really confirm plus chop growing up.

Looking back, it is the most insignificant moments that I have grown to cherish. The daily feeds, the daily baths, or even the daily tantrums - they may seem mundane or troublesome at that point in time, but now I miss those tiny moments more than ever.

Because my boy is no longer the little monkie.

He is slowly growing into the man that I will no doubt be proud of.

For now though, allow me some space while I curl up in a corner and weep.

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Anonymous said...

Don't they use clip-ons?

Cheekiemonkies said...


Nope. Not for my son's school.

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