Jan 25, 2016

iPose iSnap iHappy: The Selfie Studio for Everyone


I love photographing my family - every smile, every smirk, every pout. But there is only one problem. With me being behind the lens, this means we seldom have decent full family photo portrait shots (selfies or wefies do not count) in my collection... unless we go for a family photoshoot at a studio.

But... that presents another problem.

Kids being kids, they take a considerable amount of time to warm up in front of the camera AND the photographer. Even for me, I find it awkward to smile or pose in a certain manner as instructed by the photographer. Cue stiff shots and forced smiles all around.

Well, thankfully nothing of that sort happened during our recent family photoshoot.

You see, the above shot was taken in a proper studio room WITHOUT the presence of a photographer. Everyone was at ease, with us calling the shots... uhm, in a creative sort of way if you are in the monkies' shoes.

Yes, that's Star Wars Episode XXXVIII: The Frozen Awakens, I think.

So what is this photo studio?

iSnap is the first photography company in Singapore that offers professionally-equipped personal studio rooms for taking personal or selfie-photos of themselves, friends or family members without the need of a photographer.

Located at Bugis Village (above Bee Cheng Hiang), iSnap offers 6 individual studio rooms with a total of 24 themes and/or backdrops to choose from. More amazingly, there are more than 500 costumes and props for customers to role play with - from movie and cartoon characters to animal costumes and even, traditional costumes from other countries!

And what's a costume without relevant props, no?

Trust me when I say the monkies went absolutely bonkers when they first saw the costume racks.

As you can see, Ash was too impatient to wait for me to finish snapping photos before picking out a costume of his choice.

The standard duration of the booking of 1 studio room is 60 minutes, with each room being able to accommodate up to 10 people at a time. So after we settled on our first room of choice and picked out our costumes and props, we were raring to begin!

Each studio room is armed with a DSLR camera and studio lightings for that professional output. There is also a TV screen for us to see if we are in the frame and once that was done, all I had to do was to press the remote shutter in my hand and SNAP!

Yes, that black thing in my right hand is the remote... which I forgot to conceal in my excitement.

No matter since there is NO LIMIT to the number of shots (and costume changes) within the time slot. So all I had to do was to retake the shot. And did I mention that customers get to keep all the digital copies of photos taken? Just remember to bring along a thumbdrive along to transfer all the photos at the end of the session. iSnap also provides 5 FREE printed 4R photos after the shoot too!

We started off with Room Aries, which comes with a physical swing set against a green backdrop. And with that, let the photo-taking mayhem begin.

As you can tell, we came up with pretty fun (and ingenious) ways to ham it up for the camera. Even when we turned into animals.

I was initially afraid that the costumes will not fit my big size so I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were a range of costume sizes for everyone.

And I guess I do not have to say explicitly how ridiculously simple the studio is to use. All one has to do is to get into position, pose and click the remote. Which even Ale could do it all by herself.

Ale must have taken control of the remote while the rest of us were busy changing. I only found out that she took loads of photos of herself when we reviewed the photos after our session!

Actually, I love the final photo above. I think she was trying her darnedest to pose nicely... and it came out so serious-looking! Lol.

We soon moved on to another room. A room where Ale's fave princesses came to life.

If you have kids who love Frozen (notice I'm not being gender-bias here), then Room Virgo is the room to book thanks to Queen Elsa's Ice Palace backdrop. Brrr... very cold too!

Okay, just kidding. But I am not kidding when I say princess wannabes will have field day pretending to be either Anna or Elsa. Or both, as Ale will attest to.

That was until Queen Elsa was caught by the Imperial forces.

So we had no choice but to let it all go, and escape to Room Leo.

The room had very colourful and fun-looking backdrops... which immediately brought out the fun nature in all of us!

Have you ever seen a cuter Robin? Or a shorter Thor at that?

Our final iSnap journey then brought us to Room Capricorn, where we decided to keep things simple and snap some photos of us in our actual clothings.

But as you can probably guess, nothing is simple when it comes to the monkies.

Jump shots! I have to say I was pretty impressed with the capture of these fast-moving shots!

Time for some group family shots after all the hyperactivity.

And one lovey-dovey photo to gross the monkies out.

Silly faces aside, this must have been one of the most carefree and enjoyable photoshoot that our family had in recent years.

We had the entire room to ourselves and coupled with a lack of a physical photographer, the monkies felt more relaxed and were game to explore loads of wacky poses. Alright I admit, me included.

The fantastic thing about iSnap is we could get all trigger-happy and snap away to our heart's content since there were no limit to the number of shots as long as we stuck to the time limit. And sometimes, the photos that turned out to be the most precious (and funny) were the ones that were taken candidly.

Ash was preparing to sneeze when I pressed the remote. Not a perfect shot? Definitely. But til today, this shot never fails to make the monkies burst out in laughter when they see it.

Or the candid moment when my back decided it could no longer take Ayd's weight anymore and I was caught tumbling to the ground.

Or when Ash failed to lift Ayd up because he was too heavy.

Ditto for me and the wifey.

Okay, I am kidding. My expression was just overly exaggerated. (She reads this blog too, you know.)

By now, it is pretty evident that all of us thoroughly enjoyed our photo session.

The studio rooms at iSnap are big, clean and private - perfect for both corporate and personal photoshoots. Best of all, there are plenty of costumes to keep the kiddos occupied!

And the price? Pretty reasonable... especially if you are able to go on a weekday (except Public Holidays) to enjoy the 50% discount promotion!

Obviously, going to iSnap with more people lowers the cost per head. And fret not if you are not able to head down on a weekday because weekend and Public Holiday sessions enjoy a 25% discount too! Not too shabby.

Discounts may be good but how does a FREE TRIAL SESSION of 20 minutes at iSnap sound???

No strings attached, just hop over to iSnap's website to register. And if my monkies had their way, they will be doing so too!

Useful Information

Snap The Selfie Place
Bugis Village (Above Bee Cheng Hiang store)
239A Victoria Street, Singapore 188029
Tel: +65 67347848
Whatsapp: +65 85918151
Website HERE
Facebook Page HERE

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