Jan 4, 2016

To my Ash, from Mummy

To my first-born, wishing you a Happy 11th Birthday!

I count my blessings everyday that you are my first-born. You are like the little parent of the family looking out for your siblings, always making sure that the schoolbus uncle never leaves without Ayd, admonishing them when they are wrong, playing the peacemaker between Ale and Ayd, and listening out to Ayd when he needs a listening ear.

When Mummy sees you, I sometimes chuckle at your childishness yet at times marvel at your maturity. Like when we went on our recent staycation with mama and yeye. I am so heartened to see the way you care for mama - you walked next to her holding her hands and made sure that she never walks alone, ran forward to look out for steps and find alternative easier route for her, brought her food during buffet breakfast so that she need not walk. I'm so glad that you appreciate the care mama has given you.

At times, you are still like my little baby. Like when you hugged mummy so tightly at the Ripley's Museum because you did not like the gore. Or how you constantly ask your brother to accompany you to bed because you need company. Always remember sonny, we will always be here for you, whenever you are fearful or sad, no matter how old you are.

One of my sweetest memory this year has got to be the walks we had in Pattaya when you held my hands so tightly the entire way. I told you I liked it and you said you would hold my hands even when I'm old.

Thanks sonny for all the happiness and pride you brought me these 11 years... And here's to more more years.

Love you sonny (even though you don't like our kisses now).


P.S. By the way, Ale and me snucked two kisses on you while you were snoring away.

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