Feb 24, 2016

5 Things I Was Impatient For My Kids To Do - UNTIL They Did Them

I'm going to assume that we all love our kids, no?

But as much as I love my monkies to itsy-bitsy bits, I have to be honest. Not every single moment of parenthood is perfect. There are times when they drive me crazy and also times when I wished they would hit the next developmental milestone soonest.

Like when they were just a stationary living thing, I wished they would start crawling soon. Or when I wished teeth would sprout quickly so that they could eat the same food as us when we dine outdoors. Or when I wished they would be able to read independently. Or when I wished they could pop to the supermarket on their own and do the marketing on my behalf.

But you know what they say: be careful what you wish for.

It turns out that all this growing up business really happens far too quickly for me and I end up wishing everything slows down - especially for these 5 things that I initially could not wait for my kids to do... until they did them.


Let's face it, taking one's first steps is a huge developmental milestone... not only for the child but also for parents who will pretty much announce it via social media. Coupled with the fact that the time that they start walking is also the time when my aching arms can finally take a rest. Erm, right?

Not if they keep falling, knocking over things, falling again. Which means I have to keep an even more watchful eye over them. And did I mention that the walking milestone comes packaged together with climbing, jumping and running???  The average toddler's ability to reason at that age between risk and challenge is not in line with his physical prowess so he thinks he is able to do everything, including trying to climb up that bookshelf. And don't even get me started on stairs. There are days that I wished they would go back to crawling.

Being Independent 

It starts out with babies can't stand being away from their parents even for one second. Just ask the wifey, who can never pee or poop in peace. So the day when the kids become aware that they are individuals and become more insistent on doing things on their own is also the day we bring out the champagne. Or so I thought. Because it is tad sad when your child declares his independence and wants nothing to do with you.


Ever since they said their first coo, I was waiting for the moment. The moment where they surprise me with their first word. Yes, I am finally going to have a real conversation with my kids, I thought. I cannot wait for all the funny things they will say, I hoped. A few years down the road, and I cannot wait for them to shut up at times. Because be it talking too loud, asking the same questions over and over again or just mimicking an annoying fake voice, they do not stop yapping now.

Sleeping by Themselves

We co-slept with the boys right up until they went to primary school and there were times during that period that I wished they would be able to sleep in their own bedroom. Because they always end up in some weird, awkward position that usually involves one of their feet in my nose or at my crotch, Plus, they inevitably squeeze me right to the edge of the bed, making actual sleep a difficult task. Now? I miss the times when we snuggled in bed together so I sometimes end up snuggling in theirs during bedtime. No space Papa!, they echo in unison now.

Being Toilet-trained

Diapers are costly. So I was eager for the kids to be toilet-trained so that I can finally stop letting the diaper companies earn my money. Well, that was until the day they find the most inconvenient of timings to want to use the toilet in public and therein begins the frantic rush to find the nearest toilet. Only to realise there is a loooong snaking queue... and the toilet bowl looks as if someone has dropped an atomic bomb in there. And surprise surprise, there is no toilet paper and I forgot my wet wipes. Sniff. And yes, dealing with dirty diapers is so much a breeze compared to soiled underpants.

For the record, I am all for development. But the more my monkies grow and achieve the next milestone, I feel like such a fool for wishing for that milestone to come earlier and not enjoying the current moment. Because if I am annoyed with them for talking too much now, there will come a time during those pre-teen angsty years when the only answer I am going to get from them is a short cool "Good."

So as much as I want to go back in time, something tells me when I look back at my life, despite all the frustration and inconvenience, my monkies are going to be my greatest accomplishment.

All I have to do is step back every once in a while to appreciate them.

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