Feb 10, 2016

The Best Attractions for Kids at Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark

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"Can you feel my heart beating very fast?"

So asked Ash, when we first stepped into Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark in Pattaya. 

I didn't tell him but mine was equally pounding as quickly.

You see, our visit to Cartoon Network Amazone was undoubtedly one of the TOP attractions that the monkies (and I) had been looking forward to during our recent trip to Pattaya in the year-end school holidays last year. And as we found out, Pattaya is home to plenty of family-friendly attractions.

But first, back to the amazing Waterpark that the monkies were clearly going bananas over.

Billed as the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark, Cartoon Network Amazone is split into six zones containing some of the highest, fastest and thrilling waterslides and pools in the whole of Asia.

Think 13 water attractions consisting of looping water slides, a meandering lazy river, one huge wave pool and many other fun water activities for the family and I think you can understand why the monkies' mouths remained gaping open the minute we stepped into the waterpark.

And there is nothing quite like the water slides to get the adrenaline pumping! In terms of water slides, there are plenty of options to chooses from:

One of the tallest and steepest rides in Asia, the XLR8-TOR had the boys and me screaming as we plunged almost vertically from a height of 18 meters before accelerating at lightning velocity to a splash landing. It was so exhilarating that we went on it another time!

Alien Attack
This fast, thrilling 110-meter long tube waterslide took us along an array of wild twists, turns, and the chance to defy gravity as water jets blasted us uphill, only to take us spiraling through three darkened alien space shuttles.

Banana Spin
If you prefer something milder, this Jonny Bravo-themed ride is perfect for those who are not fans of dropping from heights, but still want a reasonable thrill all the same. Highlight of the ride was being sucked into the corkscrew after swirling around on a 2-person float, going through a water curtain, and plunging into the pool below.

Intergalactic Racers
The Intergalactic Racers allow up to four people to race through a series of bumps, twists and serpentine tubes to the final open flume and see who earns the bragging rights at the bottom. Given my weight, I was a shoo-in for first place. Lol.

Enter the alien world of Ben 10 with the world's first OMNITRIX water rollercoaster. Towering a whopping 23 meters above the ground, the fully enclosed OMNITRIX accelerates riders down a seemingly never-ending tube before dropping them into the top of the Magicsphere and out of vertical ramp and into the water. Definitely for the faint-hearted!

Goop Loop
From zero to 2.5 G's (that's is 2.5 times the force of gravity) in less than 2 seconds! That is how thrilling this water rollercoaster can be. The ride starts in an enclosed capsule, where a trap door releases below the feet, dropping the poor rider into a 12 meter free-fall generating maximum g-force and propelling him into a 360-degree loop. My knees got weak just by typing this, so it is no wonder that the boys gave this ride a miss.

Something more palatable for the boys was the Humungslide, as two water rafts are able to race each other in circular slides 23 meters high, speeding through daring twists, turns and unlimited surprises before being dropped eight meters into the clutches of Humungousaur for a dramatic, heart-pounding finish. Cue many repeated rides for the boys.

One of the boys' fave cartoons is Adventure Time and it is also one of the reasons why the Cartoon Network Amazone appeals to them so much - simply because of the Adventure time-theme water slides!

At Jake Jump, we experienced an exhilarating combination – rafting, a mega drop, a vertical burst and even weightlessness! In a dual raft, the boys shot vertically up Jake's stretchy body and paused momentarily... before gravity took hold for one last thrill and a giant splash into the pool below. How many times the boys went on the ride? Erm, I stopped counting after the third. Arguably the boys' most favoured ride at the waterpark,

Rainfall Rainicorn
Compared to the rest of water slides, Rainfall Rainicorn (from Adventure Time) feels less eventful. This is one slide that has less twists and turns and gentler drops but judging from the smiles on the boys' faces, it is still fun all the same!

There is nothing quite like the thrill of riding waves on a surfboard, no? Little wonder then that the monkies did not mind waiting for their turn at the Surf Arena, even though the queue was pretty long! 

All of the above water slides and surf arena were definitely fun for the boys but if you have a child who is below 120cm in height (like Ale), then he/she will not be able to go on any of them.

So is it still any fun for kids below the height of 120cm? Well, as Ale found out, she still thoroughly enjoyed herself!

A staple in every waterpark, this lazy river allowed us to simply drift along on our water floats. And can I just say how much I loved the designs of the water floats?

Suitable for everyone - free-to-wear life vests are provided around the Waterpark - the wifey and I took turns bringing Ale through the Riptide Rapids as the boys went for their water slides fix.

Mega Wave
What could be more relaxing than hanging out in Cartoon Network Amazone's gigantic wave pool? If you are looking to just get away from the bustling crowd, then the wave pool will be your best bet.

Bob up and down on the gentle waves or just soak in the cool clear water - perfect for families to laze the day away.

At certain timings, there are performances right on the Mega Wave stage too where the monkies got to catch their fave Adventure Time live show!

And what's a Waterpark without the obligatory water playground for kids?

The water playground at Cartoon Network Amazone is one of the best (and largest) ones for kids I have ever seen.

An amazing aquatic activity area jam-packed with splashtastic slides, fountains and tubes, there are more than 150 water features for kids to discover!

Kids get to hang out with Gumball, Ben 10, Chowder, The Powerpuff Girls and other favorite Cartoon Network characters, while choosing from different slides of various heights. Best of all, this aquatic paradise is strictly for kids only!

Personally, what set Cartoon Network Amazone apart from the rest of the other waterparks in the region is its characters. So if your kids are huge fans of the numerous Cartoon Network characters, such as Finn & Jake from Adventure Time, Gumball & Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and many more, then this IS the waterpark to head to.

Thanks to its many live shows and performances throughout the day!

Oh, there is also a live parade happening towards the later part of the afternoon as well!

Of course, do not expect the parade to be on as grand scale as compared to other theme parks but in terms of offering photo opportunities to visitors, this is as good as it gets.

I, for one, was happy enough to be able to snag a photo opportunity with Gumball and Darwin!

Yes, thanks to my boys, I am now a fan of the cartoon. Oh, and make Adventure Time a fave of mine as well.

Seriously, I do not know who was happier for the meet & greets - the boys or me? LOL.

Here's a tip if you are planning to visit the waterpark: the timings for the shows and meet & greets changes so be sure to request for a timetable at the information counter. I understand that there are lesser shows and meet & greets scheduled on weekdays.

Oh, and another tip: it can get really hot in the park so for that added bit of comfort, rent a air-cooled private cabana from 2,000 Baht (S$80) for one entire day.

Food-wise, there is a huge food court, serving a range of food from fish and chips, burgers and pizzas to Thai and Chinese noodles & rice.

And do not forget to drop by the Cartoon Network Amazone Boutique on your way out!

I have said it on Instagram and I will say it again - Cartoon Netwrok is just AMAZEBALLS! It is absolutely one of the best water parks the monkies have been to.

I suppose spending a total of EIGHT hours at the waterpark is already a testament to how much they enjoyed it.

Yup, it was dusk when we finally exited the waterpark.

Tired, yes.

Chatoah (sunburnt), yes.

Super fun, double confirm.

Useful Information

Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark
888 Moo 8 Najomtien, Chonburi, Thailand 20250
(a 20-minute drive from Pattaya)
Opening Hours: 10am - 6pm daily
Ticket prices: Adult THB 1,590 | Child (3-12) & Seniors (above 65) THB 1,290
*For current ticket promotions, visit HERE.
Getting there: The Waterpark has a daily shuttle bus service from Pattaya City. Please contact transport@cartoonnetworkamazone.com to check the shuttle schedules.
Website: www.cartoonnetworkamazone.com

AirAsia flies direct to Pattaya from Singapore 4 times a week. For more information and to book, visit airasia.com.

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