Feb 22, 2016

MOSH!, Singapore's Newest (Digital) Indoor Playground + GIVEAWAY!

Media Invite

Launch fireworks using your body, watch your doodles spring into life from a piece of paper or marvel at how your paper plane transforms into an animated jumbo plane on the screen.

Welcome to the new indoor playground of the future.

MOSH! is Singapore's first digital media edutainment facility which showcases state-of-the-art multimedia technology from Japan, and is unlike ANY indoor playground that a child is familiar with. Or at least for my monkies, that is.

When I first told them of this new digital playground on Sentosa, to say they were hugely enthusiastic is a severe understatement. I think the part of having their creations come to life was the clincher... and little wonder that they were struck in awe the moment they stepped into MOSH!

Located on the third floor of the spanking new Palawan Kidz City on Sentosa (opposite Port of Lost Wonder) and sharing the same building as KidZania Singapore, MOSH! is housed in one big room with a total of FIVE digital interactive activities to keep the kids enthralled.

Dedicated to providing a unique play-to-learn experience, the five activities allows the little ones to create imaginary worlds of their own in an immersive virtual environment, designed to empower creativity through free play and expression.

And created freely - and in some instances, wackily - the monkies did in the five different MOSH! Worlds:


The first activity that kids encounter when they first enter allows them to work those tiny fingers - by colouring their favourite Mosh!cot. Colouring stuff on its own may be boring to some kids, especially older kids like my boys, but all the talk of boring went out of the window when they realised they were able to scan their finished product and make it appear on the giant screen!

Yes, it is alive and rather bouncy too!

I have to admit, the end result is so cute that the wifey and I could not resist adding some Mosh!cots to the family too!


Now this is one digital activity to get those bodies (and butts) shaking! Kids stand along the Fireworks play zone and orchestrate Fireworks into the skyline on the projection wall by simply moving, running and jumping around.

And I think Ayd gave a splendid positive demonstration. Lol.

Nothing like a fun activity for the whole family to move and dance without a care in the world!


The older kids might find this the most boring of the lot but younger kids will love playing hide-and-seek with the cute creatures. Just place any objects - or your hands- on the Interactive Table and watch the creatures appear under them... and as Ale shows in the video, she loved squishing them too!


By far, this is THE activity station where all of us spent most of our time there simply because the doodling possibilities are endless and oh-so-fun!

Featuring a gigantic digital aquarium, kids will be able to doodle anything they want on a piece of paper, scan it and watch it join the underwater world on the screen.

And when I say doodle anything, I really mean anything.

After the scanning is completed, a digital cut-out of the doodle is formed.

And this instantaneously gets sent to the giant aquarium screen.

Nothing like seeing poop floating around under the sea, eh?

But in all seriousness, the prospect of having the monkies' pictures of anything they draw appear miraculously before them is definitely very appealing and therein lies the fun.

It's a good thing too that the screen is able to scan a few copies of artwork at the same time so plenty of kids will be able to see their creations appear simultaneously on the giant digital aquarium!

Along the way, the boys realised they could scan tiny objects such as keys and coins and make them appear on the screen too - ensuing plenty more of laughter all around.


Now this comes in as a really close favourite for the boys because they love folding aeroplanes. But what is even MORE incredulous is not only do they fold their own paper planes, the paper planes transform into digital actual planes when they throw them against wall!

Don’t believe me? Just watch.

AMAZING, no? For kids who love aeroplanes, they will go bonkers! What's more, there are mini challenges where kids are tasked to strike certain areas on the screen using their paper planes to earn points.

Helmed by award-winning Japanese creative agency, 1→10, who has won over 150 international awards, and other designers from Japan, MOSH! fuses technology with learning activities that make it so fun for the kids.

Like in the Paper Plan Adventure, the size of the digital version that appears in the screen depends on the quality of the paper plane. So in an educational way, this teaches kids to think about re-engineering their planes for a better result.

All of the 5 activities are positioned next to one another, so kids can hop freely from one activity to another. We spent a total of 2 hours there and even then, the monkies will tell you that it is not enough!

As much as I love the concept, the only bugbear I have about MOSH! is its rather pricey entrance fees at $28 per adult and $22 per child. The activities appeal most to kids so I would prefer that adults pay a cheaper accompanying fee rather than having to fork out a more expensive admission charge.

But make no mistake, the activities in MOSH! are cute, playful and full of endless imagination possibilities. The monkies love it, and I am sure kids will absolutely go wild in MOSH! as well!



A huge Congratulations to the following 2 winners who have each won FOUR entry passes (2 Adults and 2 Children) worth S$100 to MOSH!

1. Shannon Chan
2. Caroline Tiu Shijia

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net by 8 March 2016, for details of your prize collection. Thanks!

TWO lucky families will each win FOUR entry passes (2 Adults and 2 Children) worth S$100 to MOSH!

For a chance to win, all you have to do is do the following:

1. LIKE MOSH!'s Facebook page HERE.

2. Leave a comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE on which activity in MOSH! that your family will be looking forward to try out most.

IMPORTANT: Complete all 2 steps for your entry to be valid.


SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 29 February 2016, 2359 hours.

Good Luck! :)

Useful Information

31 Beach View #03-01, Palawan Kidz City
Sentosa Singapore 098008
(A 5-minute walk from Beach Station)
Opening Hours: 10am – 9pm daily
*MOSH! Playtime of 2 Hrs will apply during weekends and public holidays.
Admission Fees: Adult $28 | Child $22 | FREE entry for kids below 2 years old
*Family Bundle at $48 includes entry for 1 Adult and 1 Child (10% off Family Bundles for MasterCard Holders)
Website: www.mosh.com.sg

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Andy Ong said...

The Paper Plane Adventure looks absolutely cool! Looks like its going to be a daddy-daughter & mummy-son battle for us!

preciouz said...

paper plane adventure!
Jaime Chan

Winnie Lam said...

We would be looking forward to AIR: PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE.

Unknown said...

The doodle aquarium looks awesome! I'm sure my 3 monkies will definitely love it!

blessedone said...

My younger boy will like the hide and seek corner while the older one will enjoy the doodle aquarium as he loves to draw nowadays!! Hoping to have a chance to visit the place :)

Theresa Tay

Unknown said...

Amazing playground!! Would like to try it out! Thanksss

Tracy said...

Definitely the Doodle Aquarium!! I'm sure this will pique my 2 and 3-yr-old kiddos' interest to draw! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

My girls sure very excited over The Doodle Aquarium as they love to draw.

chewyen said...

my kids love aeroplanes!! Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

PAPER PLANE ADVENTURE my kids will love it
Julie tan

david said...

Nice recommendation. Trying for the giveaway. Thanks!

Jingxian said...

the doodle aquarium is so cute and fun for the kids.

Hwee Ke said...

hope to win the contest and bring my boy to the hide and seek table!

Doris said...

Of course its the Doodle Aquarium!

Leonardo Sunaryo said...

Wow!? Thank you cheekiemonkies for all the info. My little monkey will go bananas on new this new awesome place!!! as he love to doodle and plane.

Unknown said...

Hope to win Doodle Aquarium!!

So that I can bring my kids to enjoy and explore
For sure, they will be overjoyed

Unknown said...

My sons would go for the paper plane adventure. They enjoyed folding planes and flying it all over the house.

Anonymous said...

doodle aquarium!

yokie choy

Unknown said...

The Paper plane adventure just looks so fun!! Erm.....think I will join the kiddies also! Thanks for another great giveaway!

My FB is Andy Neo

adriantan18 said...

Doodle aquarium!!

Selina Neo said...

The doodle Aquarium!!! I'm sure my boy will love it here!

Anonymous said...

Definitely the DOODLE AQUARIUM! My two little girls will have endless fun doodling instead of showing off their creativity at home (my poor walls, sofa,bedsheets, table etc)

From: Serena

far said...

The doodle aquarium will be the place for my kids to show off their drawing skills!!!


Ally said...

Doodle Aquarium for my girl, Paper adventure for my boy! An awesome place I can't wait to bring my kids to!

Anonymous said...

The paper plane adventure looks fun!
Fb name: Gladys Tan

Jingxian said...

Paper plane adventure! Even the adults feel like playing.. Ha

Carolyn Lim said...

My kids will love Doodle Aquarium. I believe they will have a memorable time doodling and seeing their doodles appear on the giantic screen.

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