Feb 14, 2016

猴嘢, Our CNY Celebrations!

Even though it was a long Chinese New Year weekend this year, the actual festivities did not kick in until the third day of the long weekend - which to be honest, felt particularly short (and draining) this year. Only 2 days of house visits this year, with work and school looming after that... but that definitely did not stop all the feasting and gorging!

The routine for CNY Day 1 has pretty much been ingrained in the monkies all these years - a compulsory family photo-taking session at home in the mornings.

Of course, receiving their angpows was compulsory in the monkies' eyes as well.

We then pop over to my parents' place, where the monkies still look forward to gorging on their fave CNY delicacies that their grandma dishes out. Okay, me too.

Nothing like comfort food for that warm fuzzy feeling of home.

The monkies then partake in another family tradition - serving tea to their elders.

After all, that's the only way they can have their angpows. 😂😂😂

A kiss usually seals the deal.

This year's CNY is particularly more boisterous compared to previous years - thanks to the lovely additions of a few cousins from both sides of the family.

After my parents' place, we then head off to my in-laws' place, where the feasting continued. Visits to both the wifey's and my grandparents' place followed and as with past years, it is always a fun affair... especially for the monkies who have more cousins to play with!

Day 2 of CNY usually becomes a more relaxed affair for us compared to Day 1 but if the monkies thought that they would be spared of the usual family photo-taking, they were wrong of course.

Having fewer places to visit during Day 2 allowed us some time to whisk the monkies off to the Monsters of the Sea exhibition at the Science Centre Singapore!

Spanning over 2,000 sqm, the exhibition holds the largest animatronics collection of life-sized marine reptiles, mammals and fishes, including some of the legendary sea creatures that ruled the marine world.

The monkies had a great time learning more about the prehistoric creatures that existed alongside other sea animals as well as having their interests piqued by some of the most well-known mythical creatures like the Kraken, Loch Ness Monster and Chinese Dragon. The exhibition ends its run on 28 Feb 2016. Visit HERE for more details.

We then paid a visit to two of my uncles' and aunties' houses after that.

Where, yes, the feasting inevitably continued.

2 days of CNY seemed to pass by all too fast this year, although I have to admit that each CNY gets easier to manage with every passing year with the monkies growing older (FAR TOO FAST FOR MY LIKING!). Of course, there is always the challenge of keeping the kids entertained during visiting as well as limiting the goodies and sweet drinks. But at least everyone had fun and that's the most important bit, no? :)

Hope you enjoyed your Chinese New Year with your family and loved ones too!

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