Feb 17, 2016

For a $2 Entrance Fee, Pattaya Sheep Farm is a Gem for Families!

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If you asked the monkies for that ONE fave attraction that we visited during our recent trip to Pattaya, they will be hard pressed to choose between Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark and this.

Because as much as the waterpark provided them with hours of splashing fun, Pattaya Sheep Farm was a place where they were smitten with plenty of animal friends... and ended up not wanting to leave!

But it nearly did not materialise, simply because of all the Pattaya kid-friendly places I researched, I missed this one out. Thanks to the wifey who did (more) extensive research, we made time in our itinerary to bring the monkies down and I am so glad we did!

Spread over a sprawling site on the outskirts of Pattaya and a 20-minute car ride away from the city, Pattaya Sheep Farm is home to many other animals than just sheep... contrary to what its name implies.

In fact, the first thing that struck me when I stepped into its premises was everything was so colourful and cheery!

And yes, most definitely having the opportunity to snap many Instagram-worthy shots at every corner too!

Okay, but back to the live animals.

If your kids love cuddling and feeding farm animals, they will most certainly go crazy in this huge farm! Because quite frankly, which child doesn't love feeding animals? Certainly not my monkies!

Ale, especially loved feeding milk to the baby goats.

Stepping on poop? Not so much, but that is all part of the farm experience.

But poop or no poop, carrying and swaddling animals seem pretty much the theme of the monkie's time at the farm.

See what I mean?

Fret not if the kids become bored with the sheep, because there are plenty of other animals for them to fawn over - all of which seem to be kept in reasonable conditions.

I personally adore the Balcknose sheep and Alpacas!

Greedy animals, the alpacas were too.

So were the mini pigs, as the monkies found out!

For a fee, kids will be able to hop on a minitiature horse - for older kids, a larger horse - and ride a few rounds the holding pen. Something that no doubt thrilled the monkies!

It was tough to name a favourite but I believe the aviary had a guaranteed among-the-top placing in the monkies' hearts, thanks to the lories' friendly nature!

These were no angry birds. They were hungry birds!

And sometimes, they also love a peck (or two) on the cheek!

But more than just animals, Pattaya Sheep Farm is full of colourful and cute sculptures and dioramas for visitors to pose with!

And the monkies did just that.

The cutesy decorations and sculptures scattered around the farm sure made posing for photos even more enjoyable!

I think Ale picked up the art of posing hilariously rather quickly!

 Okay I admit, even I could not resist getting into the action.

As a bonus, there is also an old-school playground to help expend the kiddos' energy.

 Need to refuel? Head to The Barn Steak House.

At the Steak House, one child below the height of 110cm eats FREE for every adult entrée ordered. Always good news for parents!

I had the its signature steak and it was succulent and tasty enough for Ash to slice away a huge chunk of it. Hmph.

The wifey opted for the Seafood Spaghetti done in Pad Thai style and it was good! Somehow, the spaghetti gave more flavour to the dish instead of the usual rice noodles used.

The Baby Back Ribs was another winner in our books.

Just ask Ayd who could not wait for my photo-taking to be over and done with.

With our tummies filled, the monkies pleaded to roam the grounds of Pattaya Sheep Farm for one final time before we head back to the hotel.

Not that I minded of course, as it gave me an ample chance to go around exploring the different corners of the farm and soaking in quirky sights like these.

There were also carnival-style rides like carousel, bouncy castle and mini-train but they were not in operation while we were there. Perhaps only during weekends.

As for the monkies, they visited ALL of the animals another time before settling on cuddling some cute bunnies until it was time to bid the farm farewell.

I am really glad we made time to visit the farm. The monkies truly enjoyed their time there with the farm being huge and there were plenty of animals to keep them happy. Also thankfully, the farm does not stink. 😂

Entry fee to Pattaya Sheep Farm is a wallet-pleasing 50 Baht (S$2) per adult or child. Kids under 110cm enter free.

The feeds are chargeable at 20 Baht (S$0.80) per packet, bottle of milk or bunch of leaves so I think it is still pretty affordable even if you end up feeding 10 times. Mini-horse rides are at 100 Baht (S$4) for 2 rounds while larger horse rides are priced at 200 Baht (S$8).

Only drawback? It can get really hot! So be sure to slap on more sunblock and bring caps along.

Other than that, it definitely receives the 'cheekiemonkie' seal of approval for a family-friendly attraction. It is a must-go if you are visiting Pattaya with the kids!

And the moral of the story? The wife always knows best!

Useful Information

Pattaya Sheep Farm
Nong Pla Lai, Bang Lamung 20150
Pattaya, Thailand
Opening Hours: 9am - 7pm daily
Entrance Fees: 50 Baht per person | Kids under 110cm enter FREE
Website: www.pattayasheepfarm.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/PattayaSheepFarm

P.S. We got to Pattaya Sheep Farm via Tuk Tuk which we hailed off the street. It cost us 600 Baht per way.

AirAsia flies direct to Pattaya from Singapore 4 times a week. For more information and to book, visit airasia.com.

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ECareerHub said...

May I know which hotel you stay at Pattaya and how long is the journey to travel from bangkok to Pattaya? Thank you.

Cheekiemonkies said...


You can read more about the resorts we stayed in here: http://www.cheekiemonkie.net/2015/10/Pattaya-activities-resorts-for-kids.html

The travel time from Bangkok to Pattaya is about 2.5 hours.

Yayun said...

May i know do we need a full day at the sheep farm or half day is sufficient? Thabks

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Yayun,

Half a day will be adequate.

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