Mar 28, 2016

Crooked Houses, Light Pads & Multiple Swings at Yishun River Green's Interactive Playground

When you are a child, the whole world is your playground. And that is especially true for the monkies as they seem to be able to climb and leap from almost anything. Which is why I am always on the lookout for new playgrounds in Singapore that are not typically your usual climb-and-slide neighbourhood playground.

Something like this.

Located at Yishun River Green and at the foot of Block 330 Yishun Ring Road, this brand new playground is conceptualised by the same people behind the awesome Vertical Playgrounds (if you haven't checked them out already, why haven't you???) and is truly a highly interactive one!

At the centre of the playground lies a spiderweb-like structure where kids will be able to clamour onto via a tunnel and reward themselves with a quick descent down the slide.

But the one play structure that caught my eye (and the monkies) was this.

Crooked houses that serve as the foundation for a playground structure. Pretty unique, huh? It turns out that this structure is designed by MONSTRUM, a danish company famed for reinventing the notion of kids' playgrounds through artistic and design-related thematic areas that fascinates and inspires both kids and adults. All of MONSTRUM's products are handmade of weather-proof wood in its workshop in Copenhagen.

Go ahead, google 'MONSTRUM Playgrounds' and you'll see some of the most astounding playground designs around the world, some in the form of dragons, robots and even bugs!

MONSTRUM believes that good playgrounds reflect the world and that kids should be allowed to experience a sense of danger. That is why they love creating playgrounds that look dangerous but are totally safe. I think that is exactly what the monkies loved!

The interior of the crooked houses are slightly slanted and quite frankly, play on the structure is entirely left up to the imagination of the kids - just the way how the monkies enjoyed it. Of course, a huge and tall slide only upped the fun factor!

The interactive element of the Yishun River Green's playground consists of a few circular pads on the floor.

These interactive light pads are by Jen Lewin, whose works were last seen in the 2014 edition of i Light Marina Bay.

The circular pads change colours as one hops on them but they were not operational during our visit. Perhaps they are switched on come evening time.

The final segment of the playground sees a modified take on the a playground staple - the swing.

Comprising of multiple swings - or kinetics hammock trellis, as it is known technically - linked together, the structure encourages kids to explore the different ways they can swing by themselves and with other kids. The 9-piece swings are positioned at varying heights so other than just the usual swinging, the monkies treated it as an obstacle course and were bent on reaching the higher ones.

Or they could just lounge in it.

Either way, they certainly had a lot of fun while at it!

Useful Information

Yishun River Green Interactive Playground
330 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 760330
Free admission

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Anonymous said...

hi there I guess whoever stays there will b lucky especially kids... :) btw have u tried the one at jurong east?juz in front of cash converter shop?also nearby jcube.. the playground is kinda small but it's a bit steep..maybe if u have not been there, u might wanna go...? cheers!

Jason Sim said...

Thanks Kelvin for the great write up.

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