Mar 4, 2016

Plus! Gateway: Shop Worldwide, Earn LinkPoints


If there is one card in my wallet that I consistently use every single week, it has got to be my Plus! Card. Buying daily necessities and groceries for a family of 5 is no trivial matter, and I absolutely need all the savings I can get my hands on. Great bargains mean saving a little bit of money here and there... which certainly helps in paying for my next LEGO set the monkies' future education.

Yes, my card looks very well-used huh? As you can see, I had it since 2009 and it has been rewarding me with rebates and LinkPoints ever since. But did you know that the Plus! Card offers more than just rebates and LinkPoints from FairPrice? Plus! is the largest and most successful lifestyle membership in Singapore with over 1.7 million members and over 1000 participating outlets both offline and online!

That online bit is significant, at least to me since the wifey and I work during the weekdays and the last thing I want to do is to squeeze with the crowds in shopping malls when the weekends roll along!

So it is great that Plus! has recently refreshed itself as a lifestyle haven and added 2 new online platforms where members can look to earn LinkPoints while shopping – Plus! Gateway and Plus! Marketplace.

Plus! Marketplace features a wide array of local indie brands but it is Plus! Gateway that got me really excited!

If you are into global brands, rejoice because not only does Plus! Gateway has more than 200 brands to shop from, you get to earn LinkPoints for your purchases too! And when I say online shopping portals, I do not mean local ones - I am referring to truly global ones from Apple to Expedia to! And yes, even Groupon!

Whether you are looking for exciting deals from US kids' clothing sites such as GapKids and Old Navy, trawling the web for travel packages with Expedia and, or stretching your dollar with lifestyle sites including Lazada, HipVan and Microsoft Store, the good news is you are now able to earn LinkPoints for all those purchases!

Getting started is really simple. Of course, one needs to be a Plus! member before anything else but once you have got that covered, head over to Plus! Gateway's portal to log into your Plus! account.

You will be directed back to Plus! Gateway where you can search for your desired retailer. Find your desired brand from the full list of global brands at the ‘Categories’ header or perform a quick search on the A-Z listing page.

Depending on the merchant, shoppers will be able earn up to 6 LinkPoints or more for every dollar spent. I highly recommend checking out the 'Bonus Offers' header tab, where some merchants offer even more LinkPoints earned from time to time. Now this is what I really call stretching your dollar!

Want to stretch it even more? Locate the 'Vouchers' tab on the header and utilise the respective voucher codes during checkout to enjoy even MORE savings!

Once you have identified your desired brand, click onto the brand’s logo to enter the retailer’s micro-site on Plus! Gateway.

Here, you will be able to see the LinkPoint details (in my case, $1 = 1 LinkPoint for Lazada Singapore) and its purchase conditions. Click ‘Shop Now’ to head directly to Lazada Singapore's shopping portal.

Now this is the IMPORTANT part: In order for the accurate tracking of LinkPoints earned via Plus! Gateway purchases, shoppers must access the merchants' websites through the Plus! Gateway portal AND items must also be added into the shopping cart ONLY when you have reached the retailer’s site through Plus! Gateway. Oh, and please enable your internet browser cookies too in order for the LinkPoints to be awarded to your account.

With the March school holidays around the corner, I decided to get something from Lazada that I am sure will delight the boys.

Okay, I admit. I am looking forward to play the game together with them too! Lol.

And it will be criminal (in the eyes of Ale) if I did not get something for her too.

I reckon a huge inflatable doughnut should do the trick. And it's pink too!

With a few clicks, my purchases were done. Easy peasy.

LinkPoints earned from Plus! Gateway purchases will be shown in your account as "Pending" within 5 working days. After validation with the retailer has been done, your account will then be updated to show the LinkPoints as "Approved". Most purchase will be approved within 60 days, but some retailers may take up to 120 days to acknowledge and approve a purchase.

And speaking of LinkPoints, there are plenty of rewards to redeem your LinkPoints ranging from Dining & Groceries, Fashion & Beauty, Lifestyle & Wellness to Travel & Transportation.

LinkPoints can be used as rebates at participating retail stores, redeem as travel/dining vouchers or even to offset your purchases at Plus! Marketplace.

But if the monkies had their way, I think they will be looking to using my LinkPoints to redeem dining vouchers! Not that I have any complaints... since dining out with a family of 5 isn't exactly all that cheap.

I guess the main perk of shopping via Plus! Gateway is it does NOT make shopping any more expensive. Instead, I get the additional benefit of earning LinkPoints!

So if I have all along been shopping with say, Expedia, all I have to do now is to include the small step of logging into my Plus! account online and access Expedia's site via Plus! Gateway. I can then shop as per normal - shop at the same prices and enjoy the same special offers BUT I also earn LinkPoints on top of all that (and keep the monkies happy)!

So with more than 200 global brands on board, shopping online via Plus! Gateway has never this easy and rewarding!

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To make it even MORE rewarding for shoppers, be one of the top 5 spenders of Plus! Gateway from 1 March to 17 April 2016 and win over $3000 worth of prizes on top of LinkPoints! Prizes include an iPad Pro, UE Boom 2 Bluetooth Speakers, Nescafe Coffee Machine and many more.

Terms and Conditions:
- Campaign is valid from 1 March 2016 to 17 April 2016.
- Purchase must be done via Plus! Gateway with their transaction captured.

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Jackson said...

Nice tips on how to make use of plus card. I personally prefer to make use of discount codes which give direct discounts when purchasing from places like Lazada or Expedia using discount codes

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