May 28, 2016

Danone's Delicious, Delightful & Delectable Ultimate Greek Yoghurt


There is just so much to love about yoghurt. Besides being a great alternative to ice cream, yoghurt boasts live cultures, or probiotics, which help to boost gut and gastrointestinal health. Plus is is also an excellent source of protein and nutrients like calcium. So yes, it is one type of food that I would not mind the monkies having every day.

And after having a taste of the Ultimate Greek Yoghurt range from Danone, I think they will be clamouring for it from now on. Especially since we made yummy and healthy treats using the yoghurt!

Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt is made from 100% Australian milk and fresh fruits, Yes, not dried fruits mind you.

Wait, hang on. What exactly is Greek Yoghurt? Greek yoghurts are higher in protein, thanks to the additional straining process which sees excess whey removed. This is why Greek yoghurt has a much thicker, creamier consistency, and why regular yoghurt often has some liquid in the container when you open it.

So why is Danone's yoghurt offering called Ultimate Greek Yoghurt? Simply put, it is a yoghurt beyond compare.

If you like your yoghurt thick and creamy with the addition of fresh fruits, this yoghurt is the one for you. 5 flavours are currently available here in Singapore - Strawberry, Blackcherry, Blueberry, Raspberry & White Chocolate, and Honey.

I would be hard-pressed to choose a favourite among the five because every flavour is just so delicious, delightful and delectable.

The moment we peeled back the lid, we knew the yoghurt was going to be different. The colour, the texture, the aroma, the chunks of real fruit (not soft and mushy like other yoghurts)... All of us in the family agreed this was the BEST tasting yoghurt we have ever tasted!

The yoghurt has a gorgeous thick texture. extremely creamy and not overly sweet nor sour for our liking. So yes, it is definitely great enough to eat it on its own.

But as you know, it never hurts to add a dash of variety in our lives. So as I was tucking into a cup of luscious Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt (it's Honey flavour if you must know), I looked out at the window, saw the scorching sun and everything just clicked.

Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt? Good. Fresh fruits? Good. Frozen yoghurt popsicle with fresh fruits? Goooooood!

And as you might have guessed, it is ridiculously easy to make!

Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt, fresh fruits - we chose blueberries and strawberries - and a popsicle mould. That's it! And it is so simple that I was able to let the monkies take charge.

After cutting up the fruits, they placed them in the popsicle mould and filled it up with the yoghurt.

I don't think they had ever done a recipe this easy. I also don't think I had ever answered "No, not yet!" so many times to their constant "Can we eat them already?" questions.

But finally, the popsicles were done.

Freeze. Lick. Eat. Repeat.

I don't suppose I need to tell you how much the monkies loved them then.

Well actually, we came up with concoction while waiting for the popiscles to freeze - because you know, I needed a little distraction from all of their incessant questioning. Of course, it has to be something simple as well and a smoothie ticked all of the boxes.

Since the unanimous decision was to have a Banana Smoothie, we utilised the Honey Greek Yoghurt and added some milk to the mix since the yoghurt was thick.

Add in ice cubes, blend well and there you go - a refreshing smoothie for the hot weather!

Yes, some thing tells me the monkies loved the smoothie too. Lol.

Whether it is eaten on its own, or used together in a recipe for great treats, Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt is the ultimate indulgence for all occasions!

Talking about indulgence, how about winning a 2D1N staycation at The Sofitel Singapore Sentosa??? Just post a photo of your favourite yogurt recipe - does NOT have to be Danone yoghurt - on Instagram with the hashtag, #CreateWithDanone, and you might just find yourself enjoying a staycation with your family! In addition, the top 10 winners will be awarded with a special prize!

Danone Ultimate Greek Yoghurt is retailing at all major supermarkets. For more information, visit or stay updated at

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