May 11, 2016

Vertical Playgrounds in Singapore: The Complete List (with Maps!)

It all started with the one at Cambridge Estate. Since then, the monkies and I have it our mission to suss out every single Vertical Playground in Singapore.

Encased in a three-storey high metal grid cage, the Vertical Playground - also known as the Wallholla - is made up of undulating ribbon-like layers. The play structure is suitable for children aged five to 12, and big enough to hold 30 children at once. It encourages kids to climb, hang, swing, slide, run, jump, hide and pretty much come up with ingenious ways to play compared to any other playing equipment. You can read more about our experience HERE.

Personally, I love the ingenuity of its design, which embodies the the spirit of creative play and allows kids to play with the same equipment in varying ways. A fantastic gem, definitely!

Currently, there are  15 Vertical Playgrounds in Singapore with a further 2 each in Vietnam and Malaysia. However, out of the 15 built here, 4 are located within condominiums and private schools - Parc Olympia, Corals & Keppel Bay, Tanglin Trust School and Dover Court Preparatory School - while a further 3 are still undergoing construction at various parks. 

This leaves the remaining 8 Wallhollas which are open to public - and enough to get the kiddos all excited and drive them up the wall! 

And here they are:

1. Wallholla @ Choa Chu Kang Ave 1
Address: 815C Choa Chu Kang Ave 1, Singapore 683815

Situated beside a cluster of new HDB flats in Choa Chu Kang, this Vertical Playground looks entirely different from the rest of the other public ones. While the rest are encased in see-through grills, this new playground is covered with grey metal meshing and sports a colour different from the usual orange.

Internally, the structure is slightly different too. One would have to climb up the climbing holds to reach the upper levels as the lower levels will only bring one to the mid-level slide.

And if you are eagle-eyed enough to spot something interesting in the first photo, you will know that this playground has another cool play structure as its neighbour.

A gigantic tank for kids to play and climb on!

The tank has rope nettings within to encourage even more climbing and scurrying, something which I think my monkies will relish!


2. Wallholla @ Carpmael Park
Address: Along Carpmael Road and Ceylon Road (Joo Chiat)

The East gets a Vertical Playground too - and it is a blue one! Located in the Joo Chiat vicinity, Carpmael Park is a cosy green space with a children's play area and outdoor exercise equipment.


3. Wallholla @ Bishan St 13
Address: 158 Bishan St 13, Singapore 570514

Besides the orange Wallholla, there are two other climbing structures for kids to totally expend their energy here.

One is shaped like a huge barrel while the other comes in the form of a tall net tower and comes attached with a slide.


4. Wallholla @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 2
Address: Along Jalan Mengkudu, and Ang Mo Kio Ave 2

Another set-up is located along Jalan Mengkudu and Ang Mo Kio Ave 2.


5. Wallholla @ Cambridge Estate
Address: Along Cambridge Road

This Wallholla was the one that started it all. I first stumbled onto this newly erected playground structure along Cambridge Road at Cambridge Estate last year.


6. Wallholla @ Punggol Edgefield Plains
Address: In front of Block 673A Edgefield Plains

Punggol gets it own Vertical Playground! Spot the cool trampoline too? The playground also comes with a gigantic spiderweb-like net, metal slide and mini-tunnels.


7. Wallholla @ Junction 8 Shopping Centre
Address: 9 Bishan Pl, Singapore 579837, Level 3

Being the only Wallholla found within a shopping mall, this playground also boasts additional polygonal climbing structures.


8. Wallholla @ Bukit Batok East Ave 4
Address: 266 Bt Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 650266

And the West have it too! The newest Vertical Playground in Singapore is NOW OPEN!


Have loads of fun climbing like monkies! :)

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Yen said...

I went to the one at Bishan and found the surfaces wet and slippery, making it difficult to climb. Any one else had this observation?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Yen,

The surfaces are meant to be anti-slip but I think due to wear & tear and prolonged usage, the surfaces have become slippery. Coincidentally, the Bishan is the oldest among all of the vertical playgrounds. Perhaps can feedback to the town council?

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