Jun 6, 2016

I Believe I Can Fly... a Drone + GIVEAWAY!

Product Review

There is something pretty fun in flying a drone. Perhaps it has to do with the thrill of navigating an electronic flying object freely in the air, or the opportunity to perform flips with the drone in mid-air. Whatever it is, both Ash and Ayd love drone flying and we have owned at least 3 sets in the past 2 years. Unfortunately, the quality of those drones were found to be lacking and they usually did not last for long - especially for one which was sent crashing down onto the pavement!

So I have sworn off from all drone buying... well, that was until 65drones sent me some of their latest drone products and changed my view about drones.

65drones is a local company which first began selling drones on Carousell. They have since expanded their operations and set up retail boxes in shopping malls around Singapore. And the range of drones that they carry varies greatly, from drones suited for beginners to professional ones.

For me, the first drone that caught my (and Ale's) eye was this little cute thing.

This Cheerson CX-STARS quadcopter is so cute and tiny that I could not resist in testing it out immediately.

Ok, actually Ale was the one who eventually got to try it out first and to my surprise, she steadied the mini drone after a few tries! At S$32, this drone makes for a great birthday or Christmas gift.

For the boys though, the real biggie has got to be these two babies.

The Alien X6s hexacopter.

The Alien X6 Pro hexacopter.

The Alien X6s is an older model with a slightly smaller body while the Alien X6 Pro is new on the market, with a larger body and more features. And as you can probably guess, the boys could not wait to test their new toys!

For some strange reason, the boys mastered the art of flying the drones in less than 5 minutes. I took waaaay longer than that... partly due to the fact they were practically hogging the drones the moment they got all skilful with them!

The great thing about the Alien X6 drones is they are perfect for both beginners and experienced fliers. For beginners, the drone has a 'headless' mode which essentially means that the drone flies in the direction of your transmitter - which also means there is no complicated deciphering of direction.

And yes, it is kid-safe too. Not only does the drone come with child-safe propeller guards, it has a Beginner mode which limits the height (up to 30cm above ground) and speed that the drone can fly.

And once you are more accustomed to flying it, there are 2 other speed modes: Standard and Professional, which allow for more sophisticated manoeuvres like 360-degree flips!

As the Alien X6 drones are hexacopters with 6 motors instead of the conventional 4 motors on a quadcopter, the boys found the drones very stable to flown outdoors... and even indoors! And even if you crash the drone on a hard floor (I did it on 2 occasions and the boys threatened not to allow me to fly the drones again. Drats.), I realised that the body of the drones are pretty sturdy and durable.

The Alien X6 Pro comes with FPV (First Person View) which allows the flier to see what the drone sees. Just download the app on your smartphone and you can see what the drone sees from up above on your mobile device.

For more added fun, the drones also come equipped with a 2 Mega-pixels 720p camera (45-degree tilt) for photo and video taking.

Obviously, its camera quality isn't the best but I guess it is on par with other drones of similar size. That said, I still have to master the art of snapping a photo while STILL controlling the drone in mid-air.

The drones give up to 12 minutes of flight time, which is pretty standard for drones. The flight time actually depends on the height at which you are flying. Battery recharging time takes about 60 minutes.

Personally, I love how the Alien X6 drones are built - compact and sturdy but yet still packs a punch in terms of performance. So if you are shopping around for a drone for your child, these drones offer a balanced flying experience. Not only will it be easy for the kids to manoeuvre and fun to fly, the drones (S$129 for AlienX6 Pro and S$89 for Alien X6s) will not burn a hole in your wallet either. 

Whether you are new to quadcopters and looking for something light and easy to play around with, or an aspiring drone pilot looking for a trainer drone to hone your flying skills, these drones from 65drones are a great way to get you started in the world of drone flying.


Thanks to 65drones, I have ONE Alien X6 Pro to give away!

A HUGE Congratulations to KATHY WOON TAN! You have won a set of Alien X6 Pro from 65drones! 

Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for prize collection details. Thanks!

For a chance to win, all you have to do is do the following:

1. LIKE 65drones' Facebook page HERE.

2. Tell me why you will love to win the Alien X6 Pro for your child... or for yourself! Leave your comment either in the comment section of this blog post OR on our Cheekiemonkies' Facebook corresponding post HERE

NOTE: You have to complete both steps in order to qualify for the giveaway.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a bonus chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 15 June 2016, 2359 hours.

Good Luck! :)

Useful Information

Website: www.65drones.com
The Alien X6 Pro and Alien X6s are retailing for S$129 and S$89 respectively at the following locations: , Dacube@ serangoon Nex Mall, Boxboss@ Century Square, Boxboss@ Clementi Mall, Toy outpost @ Waterway point and Toy outpost @ Vivocity.

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Moonie said...

Fb id: Izzy Ong. I didnt know this is call drone until i read your post! I would love to win this because i want to use it to 'take a good look' of the building progress of my new house! Hope i will win this for updates of my new nest♡

Jingxian said...

The boys have seen people playing them and would be overjoyed to receive them to try. I am comtemplating to get the CX Stars too. It's so cute!

Kathy Woon Tan said...

Would love the smile on my hubby's n my boys face.
This is definitely The bonding activity they would love.

Apai n nana said...

Wow..i would love to win for my boy.I am sure he will loves this..done all steps on fb.lianazaidi

Anonymous said...

My son loves all things transport!


chewyen said...

great outdoor activity for my family.. :)

tewyuxin said...

Thank you for this superb giveaway, kelvin and 65Drones. Operating a drone is not an easy feat as my family has tried before in workshop. But this ONE Alien X6 pro will be a special gadget if I win it, because it will be a tech toy where both my boy and girl can use. For the boy, he will definitely be interested in mastering it, and for the girl, she can use it as an option to capture aerial family photos without selfie stick (she loves photography). A very useful tech gadget! Please may I be the lucky one.


~~吳大娘 - 吳懿恩, 吳懿倖和吳勇樂的母亲大人~~ said...

This giveaway is so cool .. would love to win this so that I can look cool in front of my kiddos .. this would replace our bonding activity flying kite downstairs .. this is way more cooler .. bringing us to greater heights and vision .. Liked and shared .. FB (Michelle GohOng) :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to win this for my boys. It a great to practice their motor skill, accuracy and etc. Hope to be the lucky one.


(Tan Keith)

Unknown said...

With drones so popular now, I can't wait to try playing with the X6 pro! Let's face it, we always love to play with new technology items! One interesting point is that I am keen to try out the camera! Thanks as always, Cheekiemonkies!!!!

My FB is Andy Neo
My email is cardz_house@yahoo.co.uk

Unknown said...


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