Jul 4, 2016

The Perfect Water Dispenser for Households with Kids


"Got drink water or not?"

If you are a parent yourself, you will know that getting kids to drink water on a consistent basis is a challenge at times. Simply because they need to stay hydrated and replenish the water in their bodies throughout the day as part of their healthy growth and development. I face the same challenge too but recently, I was pleasantly surprised by the sight of the monkies scurrying to the kitchen at every opportunity to drink water.

All because of this box.

The new 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser, as its name implies, dispenses instant hot, cold and room temperature water at the touch of a button. Super convenient, I know but the first thing that struck me about the water dispenser was it is not as bulky as I expected a water dispenser machine to be.

Yes, it does look sleek with its modern design but all the best design in the world would count for nothing if it cannot find a decent space in my kitchen. And if you know my kitchen size, you will know that even ants find it tough to throw a party in my kitchen!

Of course, nothing can beat the convenience of having the choice of either hot, cold water or room temperature water on demand, since a direct piped-in system ensures a continuous supply of water to the dispenser. The water dispenser sports touch keys which allows one to select his/her preferred water temperature, everything instantly at the touch of a finger.

The left side of the dispenser dispenses hot water while the right side dispenses cold water. Need room temperature water? Press and hold the cold water button until it turns green, and there you go. Easy peasy!

And in case it matters, the dispenser also sounds off a melodious chime whenever someone dispenses water - something that the monkies love hearing for some reason. Plus the fact that I know when they are drinking water! Lol.

As you can probably tell, the best part the monkies love about the dispenser is the joy in having chilled water instantly. The extended water dispensing space even makes it convenient for them to fill their tall water bottles (up to 25cm in height) on their own!

But fret not if you are worried about your kids accidentally scalding themselves by dispensing hot water. As a safety precaution, you have to first press the HOT button before pressing the black rectangular button (below the nozzle) for the hot water to be dispensed.

And at 85°C - 90°C, it is good enough to make coffee, tea, soups and even formula milk if you have a baby at home. Speaking of needy babies, parents will be relieved to know that the dispenser is able to provide a continuous supply of hot water. No more waiting for the water to boil while the little one is crying himself or herself hoarse! Now why didn't I have one of these when the monkies were younger?

As safe to drink as our tap water can be, safe water doesn't always mean tasty water. And there will always be some people who would want to rid their water of any lingering minerals and improve the taste of tap water by filtering it.

The 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser uses a miniaturised 3M filter based on proven filtration technology with more than 75 years of history, reducing chlorine taste and odour as well as removing any slime and rust present in the tap water.

Equally important, the dispenser is free of bisphenol A (BPA) - similar to the feature parents look for when purchasing water and milk bottles - and uses UV light to sterilize water and remove bacteria and viruses. How's that for a peace of mind?

For all its innovative features, I had initially expected that the maintenance of the water dispenser will be a time-consuming and costly affair. Well, I thought wrong! All I had to do was to remove a side panel of the water dispenser, and the filter cartridge was in plain sight.

A simple twist and turn saw the cartridge being removed with ease and I was done. Frankly, it was so simple that even Ale could do it!

Replacement filter cartridges can be purchased directly from its distributor, Jestac or your nearest Selffix store (it is advisable to call the Selffix store to check if they have stock for the cartridge before making your way down). Each cartridge retails for $120, and replacements are recommended every 6 months or 4,000 litres of water - which translates to only $0.03 litres of filtered water if you are keen on the Math.

A perfect addition to any households with children, the water dispenser ensures that everyone in the family are able to enjoy cleaner, clearer and better tasting water any time of the day.

I don't think any parent will ever say no to cleaner water, especially with children at home. With the 3M™ Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser holding fort in my home, I can rest easy knowing that all contaminants and impurities will have a tough time getting through to the ones that matter most to me.

And that to me, is priceless.

Interested to find out more, or purchase a set?

3M's authorized distributor, Jestac is currently having a Great Singapore Sale promotion from now till 14 August 2016 for the 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser (available in black or white)!

Get a $400 discount and pay only $1,488 (usual price $1,888), with a FREE replacement cartridge (worth $120), a FREE 3M Nomad™ entrance mat, and FREE standard installation thrown in!

The first 20 to order directly from Jestac and quote get an additional $50 off!

Order via HERE and enjoy over $550 in savings!

The 3M Hot, Cold & Room Temperature Filtered Water Dispenser is also available for purchase at all Selffix and selected Home-Fix and Best Denki stores.

To view the actual 3M dispenser or try a cup of 3M filtered water, you can visit Jestac’s office at:

Jestac Pte Ltd
2 Kim Chuan Drive CSI Distribution Centre #02-06 Singapore 537080
Mon - Fri 8.30am – 5.30pm, Sat 8.30am to 12.30pm
Tel: 6288 8290
Email: sales@jestac.com.sg

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