Aug 19, 2016

Decluttering my Home with the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100


If you had read my previous article on the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 portable and wireless scanner, you would have known that incorporating the paperless routine into my life was such a liberating experience.

You see, the ScanSnap iX100 is small and light enough for me to leave it in my work bag, which makes scanning my work documents and business cards a breeze. Setting up the iX100 is a cinch too, and I can even scan wirelessly to my laptop or smartphone when a wireless network is not available.

With the scanner, not only did I free up space by getting rid of my hard-copy filing system, I had fast, easy access to all my paperwork no matter where I happened to be. Definitely a huge time-saver!

But perhaps, the most practical use of the scanner at home has got to be dealing with these countless of artwork that the monkies had produced over the years.

As I have previously shared in my '15 Parenting Confessions of a Dad' post, my top confession as a Dad is throwing away most of the monkies' school artwork because they are taking up too much space in the house (but I have kept every single Father's Day and Birthday cards that they have made for me).

Cute and colourful they may be, these artworks DO contribute to the clutter at home but now thanks to the nifty iX100, digitalising these artworks is a piece of cake.

Especially since I have ready volunteers waiting in the wings to assist in the scanning!

See what I mean?

I think part of the appeal of using the ScanSnap iX100 is it is so ridiculously easy to use that even a young child can do it. All one needs to do is to feed a piece of paper into the scanner, hit scan and it is all done.

With such a light, small, and battery-powered device, one would have thought that the iX100 would be slow in scanning, but this device is super fast - approximately 5.2 seconds for an A4 page if you are into figures. In fact, the monkies found themselves just grabbing about anything at home to scan just so that they could see it work its magic! Lol.

Want to scan both sides of a document? Just feed it in once, flip it over and feed it in again and you have both sides all done. The top part of the scanner has a tray that opens up so that the documents come back straight up for easy retrieval. A thoughtful feature, especially if one does not have room on the desk behind the scanner.

If you have something that is bigger than the standard A4-size, all you have to do is to fold it in half, scan it once for each side, and the software will stitch it back together! How handy is that?

Speaking of handy, I have the iX100 to thank for when it comes to preserving some of the fondest memories like these.

If you do not know what are these, you are probably too young. Back in the good old days, these were the equivalent of today's external hard disks where photo albums consisting of my growing up memories are contained within.

Taking up plenty of space is one thing, but the problem with keeping photos is they tend to fade and deteriorate over time. So what better way to preserve these photos than to digitalise them by scanning them into my hard disk with the ScanSnap iX100!

Just like the artworks and other documents, scanning was superbly simple and the quality of the scans were extremely good.

And just like the business card software that I mentioned in my previous posts, the software that the ScanSnap iX100 came bundled with made scanning items directly to my folders and even my favourite cloud apps was a huge time saver. Definitely a fast, seamless and most importantly, a painless experience!

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 does exactly what it says, delivering high quality scans quickly regardless of whether I am at the office, on the road or at home. Because it is so small, light, has no messy cords and comes packed with features, I think it is safe to say the iX100 has become the indispensable little helper in the household.

That, and being so fun to use for the monkies!

The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 is retailing for S$339 at major Challenger stores (Fujitsu recommends calling before heading down). For free home delivery, you can buy online through and

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