Aug 8, 2016

Keeping Singapore Clean: How Families Can Make a Difference


We all teach our kids not to litter. We keep our homes clean and try to keep our neighbourhoods litter-free. But unfortunately, trash tends to collect, more so in public areas.

There are loads of good reasons to keep our public places clean. It may not be your job but if we were to move from being a ‘cleaned city to a truly clean city’, keeping our common spaces clean and nice will benefit a lot of people. Plus, showing consideration to others by keeping these spaces clean sends a great message to our kids, no? (Perhaps it may just motivate them to clean up their rooms!)

Photo Credit: Sports Hub Singapore
So as much as we reply on our hardworking cleaners to keep our country clean, a huge part of the responsibility also falls on us to upkeep the cleanliness of shared spaces.

For obvious reasons, it is mass events like the National Day Parade (NDP) that usually generate the most trash. At the NDP Preview 2 show on 30 July, there were poster walkers reminding people to clean up after themselves, which was  one of the initiatives among the few set up to help keep the event space clean for all!

The organisers have already anticipated the potential amount of rubbish which may be  generated by the NDP goers, and have set aside big bins and big signs just to give them a friendly reminder on what they should be doing! Can’t go around littering with the excuse of not being able to find the bins!

Let me move on to also introduce the volunteers who have very kindly offered their time and effort to be on site to remind everyone to  clean up after themselves and bin their litter, so we can all enjoy the shared spaces Singapore has to offer.

At the fringe areas of the National Stadium, crowds of people gathered for picnics and a chance to gawk at the Fireworks display later in the evening.

An hour before the NDP show began the volunteers - dressed in the red-and-white polo tees  went about their work of encouraging the public to clean up after themselves and for everyone to play their part in binning their own litter.

Frankly speaking, it is not easy work. So why do they volunteer their time and effort?

One of the volunteer uncles mentioned this, "Wouldn’t you feel proud when you hear a foreigner mention that Singapore is a clean and safe country and that you had a part in making it so?"

Indeed, the volunteers sacrificed their weekends because they wanted to do their part as a citizen to help keep Singapore clean and beautiful and in the process, encourage other Singaporeans to do their part to contribute to Singapore’s cleanliness.

Through leading by example, the volunteers helped to build awareness of the need to keep Singapore clean and that every single one of us has a part to play.

And judging from the short period of time I was at the Sports Hub, I would say that most of us have the right mentality! :)

Glad to see that kids are also doing their part as well!

As parents, we know that one of the most effective ways to teach our kids not to litter is to show them a good example. This is simply because kids most often emulate what they see the adults doing. Adopting an attitude that it is okay to litter because it is the cleaner's job to clean up is not cool at all. Raising environmentally-conscious kids starts with being environmentally conscious ourselves.

And in addition to making an effort to bin our litter, why not sign up as a volunteer with the Public Hygiene Council and go the extra mile in keeping Singapore clean?

Beyond the obvious benefits to our community and the environment, volunteering is also a simple community service project that even kids can participate in. They will be able to see firsthand the impact of their volunteering efforts, giving them a sense of pride and inculcating a sense of responsibility in them to upkeep the cleanliness of our common spaces.

If you would like to do your part and sign up as a volunteer with the Public Hygiene Council, email them at to sign up for the mailing list and be kept informed of future volunteering opportunities. For more information visit

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Clean and green always helps us to keep the surrounds in a better manner

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