Aug 24, 2016

Newly Refurbished: VivoCity's Free Outdoor Playground

If you are a parent, chances are you must have brought your kid/s to the free-to-play outdoor playground at VivoCity. Located in the courtyard on the second level of the sprawling shopping mall, the playground is a hit with the little ones who cannot wait to expend their boundless energy.

And that is probably the reason why there is a need for the playground to undergo a round of upgrade and refurbishment... so GREAT NEWS, the playground has already reopened to the public!

With the previous sculptures removed, the entire area looks more spacious... and colourful.

Younger children and toddlers have a small area to play in, which consist of a mini tunnel to crawl in and a four-way see-saw.

And of course, the perennial favourite in the form raindrop-shaped merry-go-rounds where kids (or adults) can spin themselves silly on still remains.

Older kids will probably head towards the vast open spaces nearer to the hill-and-tunnel play area though.

Here, they can either scurry through a tunnel or scamper up the hill - with the aid of newly-added steps on the slope - and go whee-ing down a slide!

New additions to the playground include 2 small and 1 huge trampolines!

Water babies can take comfort in the new splash zone, where water fountains will add to the squeals of laughter at the playground.

So the next time the kids wish to take a breather from all the shopping, you know where to head to!

Useful Information

Outdoor Playground @ VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585
Level 2

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