Sep 25, 2016

All the Lobsters you can Eat at LIME's LobsterFest!

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I have read and heard so much about LIME Restaurant's Lobsterfest at PARKROYAL on Pickering last year but did not had the chance to sample it.

The popular lobster buffer returned in the middle of this year but yet again, I missed it. Fortunately enough, it was third time lucky for me as the buffet has been extended to the end of this year due to overwhelming response!

As you can probably tell from the buffet title, it is all about LOBSTERS. And I could not wait to dive right in.

The popularity of salted egg dishes is showing no signs of fatigue. With a combination of the salted egg and butter sauces with bits of cereal, the Golden Sand Lobster was expectedly a hot favourite among diners.

The Singapore Chilli Lobster is yet another twist on Singapore's fave Chilli Crab. The sauce was spicy and savoury, packing enough oomph to go along with the deep fried mantou.

Can't get enough of spicy dishes? I thought that the Black Pepper Lobster was done just about right, with the black pepper sauce not overpowering the freshness of the lobster meat.

Yet another Singapore all-time fave features in the lineup of Lobsterfest.

When it comes to laksa, the make-or-break factor is its broth and to be honest, how good can laksa from a hotel buffet be? Surprisingly, the Lobster Laksa was more than decent with its broth flavourful, helped by the freshness of the lobsters no doubt.

After all the spicy dishes, the Lobster Risotto was a welcome change for the tastebuds. The lobster was full of garlic aroma while the accompanying risotto had a hint of umami flavour as a result of being cooked with lobster bisque.

But my fave of the night belonged to the Lobster Thermidor with Mac & Cheese. Okay, the Mac & Cheese was underwhelming but the Lobster Thermidor stole my heart with its creamy mixture of cooked lobster meat. It was so addictive that I had second helpings... or was it third or fourth???

And the common characteristic that binds all the above six lobster dishes? The lobster meat was fresh and oh-so-succulent.

If you are seeking for some additional variety in your lobster indulgence, there are other mouth-watering delights on offer as well - unlimited servings of sushi and sashimi, special pizza creations, and even a local food corner!

Oh, and all diners are also served with a glass of LIME's signature Limenade which I felt was a great complement with the seafood. And because the lime juice is so good, it is unfortunately non-refillable.

I then ended the night on a (sugary) high at the dessert table, where assorted Nonya kuehs, chocolate and pastries awaited my already bursting tummy.

And how could I say no to durian pengat???

My only complaint is the durian pengat could do with more durain 'flesh'. But at least I had the iconic matcha chocolate fondue fountain to top off the evening - which I am sure all kids will go ga-ga over.

If you are a great fan of lobsters, I highly recommend LIME Restaurant's Lobsterfest. You have to be quick with that reservation though as the buffet is only happening on every Wednesday and Thursday evening until, and including, 1 December 2016. And I hear that the slots do get filled up pretty quickly!

Useful Information

Lobsterfest @ LIME
Address: PARKROYAL on Pickering, 3 Upper Pickering Street, Singapore 058289
Opening Hours: 6.30pm - 10.30pm
Price:  S$99++ per adult S$59++ per child (below 12 years old)
Reservations: +65 6809 8899 or email

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