Oct 13, 2016

Steam, Sanitise & Dry Clean from the Comfort of your Home with the LG Styler

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As parents, we all know that time is a premium. Somehow, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all that I would like to. So the last thing I would want is to complete chores that suck up my precious time... like worry about having to iron out those creases on my shirts and pants, or to periodically sanitise the monkies' soft toys.

So when I first heard of the LG Styler, I knew right away it was made just for me.

What is the LG Styler? Simply put, it is a first of its kind appliance that can sanitise, refresh, and gentle dry your clothes, soft toys and beddings in a hassle free manner. Oh, and it can sure de-wrinkle clothes too!

What sorcery is this???

It turns out that the LG Styler draws water from a tank at the bottom (which has to be manually filled up), generates steam using a heat pump, and then releases it onto clothing. Think hanging a shirt in a hotel bathroom during a hot shower to try rid it of the wrinkles but more advanced. MUCH MORE advanced actually.

The LG Styler has 3 main cycles: Refresh, Sanitise and Gentle Dry. The first two use a combination of heating, steaming and drying while the latter only dries... which means trips to the dry cleaners for non-washable clothing can be saved!

Refresh is best for removing odours from clothes quickly and effectively. Equipped with LG TrueSteam™ technology, the Styler offers an easy, straightforward way to spruce up clothes like shirts and cardigans.

But more than that, it is able to remove wrinkles in clothes too! In addition to its steam spray capabilities, the Styler is also equipped with the Moving Hanger, which gently shakes clothes to remove wrinkles, leaving them looking crisp. When activated, the hanger operates at 180 revolutions per minute, eliminating any odors and also evening out the crease in the process.

Fabric softener sheets can also be placed into the filter of the Styler to infuse the clothing with a scented aroma to keep them looking, feeling and smelling refreshed.

But what has got me most impressed is its Easy Pants Crease Care.

To test out its feature, I scrunched up a pair of my pants for experimental purposes. Then I hung it flat in the Styler's Pants Crease Care area and let it work its magic.

And this was how my pants looked after s round of steaming.

Here's a closer view of the before and after.

Wow, just wow. The pants were almost totally smooth! ?You know how those pesky wrinkles at the back of the knees never seem to go away from just ironing? The Easy Pants Crease Care removed those creases formed at the back of knees from daily wear and everywhere else my pants can wrinkle. Love it!

As for the monkies, they were clamouring to try out the Styler's Sanitise cycle - thanks to their collection of soft toys.

These group only represent a small fraction of their collection but if you have kids, chances are you will know that the soft toys hardly get cleaned (or washed) which means they are potential breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. And don't even get me started on the odours that they bring!

The Styler's Sanitise cycle uses TrueSteam™ to eliminate more than 99.9% of bacteria and germs, without damaging the items. It maintains the optimal temperature necessary to sanitise each item, destroying bacteria that persist even when clothes are dried in sunlight.

And the result?

I guess no words are needed then.

Another nifty feature is the Gentle Dry with Inverter Heat Pump System. I can now gentle dry special-care clothing without worrying about shrinkage or damage. Its low temperature drying system is perfect for drying everything from towels to cashmere sweaters without the need for tumbling. While normal sundrying takes about 12 hours, the Gentle Dry feature achieves the same result within one-twelfth of the time taken.

The Styler also offers the NFC Tag On feature which allows users to upload 2 specialized cycles to the Styler from the ‘LG Smart app’ on their smartphones. Just tap your phone on the its door to transfer the programs. In addition, the Styler is equipped with the Smart Diagnosis™ feature, which can help the user quickly and efficiently troubleshoot mechanical issues, and makes customer service visits shorter and less frequent.

Being able to refresh with only steam (and not harsh detergents) means that our clothing will last longer. Plus the convenience of popping my shirts into the Styler before I go to bed and having them steamed and wrinkle-free the first thing in the morning!

And did I mention how quiet the LG Styler is when it is in operation? At 40 decibels, this is equal to a whisper and is much like a quiet helper that you never knew you need.

As for the monkies, they loved the Sanitise function which sterilised their soft toys and eliminated the odours efficiently. The bonus has got to be that their toys came out softer and fluffier too!

Any surprise that they are bent on sanitizing their ENTIRE collection of soft toys in the LG Styler then?

The LG Styler is retailing for S$2,999 at Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki and Gain City outlets. For more information, visit www.lg.com/sg/washing-machines/lg-S3WERB.

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