Oct 24, 2016

Military-Themed Playgrounds in Choa Chu Kang

Choa Chu Kang used to be home to Keat Hong Camps I & II but they have since closed. So to reflect the rich history of the Singapore Armed Forces' training camps in Keat Hong, two brand new playgrounds have sprung up in the middle of new HDB housing estates in Choa Chu Kang.

And from the looks of it, kid will definitely love the military-themed playgrounds... especially if your little ones are huge fans of military vehicles that come in the form of army trucks and tanks!


Sandwiched between Blocks 818B and 818C at Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 (Keat Hong Mirage), the most eye-catching play structure is undoubtedly the bright green army truck.

Much like the Crooked Houses playground in Yishun, the structure is designed by MONSTRUM, a danish company famed for reinventing the notion of kids' playgrounds through artistic and design-related thematic areas that fascinates and inspires both kids and adults. All of MONSTRUM's products are handmade of weather-proof wood in its workshop in Copenhagen.

Kids will be able to clamber onto the truck and get into the driver's seat or scamper to the back of the truck where a green slide awaits.

MONSTRUM believes that good playgrounds reflect the world and that kids should be allowed to experience a sense of danger. That is the playgrounds that they design tend to encourage open-ended play, with structures that may appear to be dangerous but are actually totally safe.

See the red rope in the photo above? Kids will be able to walk along the slanted narrow beam while trying to maintain their balance. But just to be safe, the red rope is present for kids to hold onto for support.

Of course, the other highlight at the playground is the lookout tower which pays homage to the military lookout posts of yesteryear.

Kids will be able to climb up via the rope ladder or rock wall, and whizz themselves down the fireman pole. It is pretty high though, so a huge dose of adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

There are the usual see-saws and mini play structures for younger kids as well but if you ask me, no kid will be able to resist boarding the bright green army truck!


Continuing the military theme is the playground at Block 815C, Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1 (Keat Hong Quad) which is just a stroll away from the army truck playground.

Just like the previous playground, the centrepiece here is the big white tank which encourages loads of climbing. Internally, the tank has rope nettings within to encourage even more climbing and scurrying, something which I think kids will never say no to.

As an added bonus, the playground also has a Vertical Playground!

his Vertical Playground looks entirely different from the rest of the other public ones. While the rest are encased in see-through grills, this new playground is covered with grey metal meshing and sports a colour different from the usual orange.

The playground also has a swing netting, as well as a play area for younger children.

Now, who says the West does not have cool playgrounds?

Useful Information

Army Truck Playground @ Keat Hong Mirage
Address: 818B & 818C Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1, Singapore 683818

Tank Playground @ Keat Hong Quad
Address: 815C Choa Chu Kang Avenue 1, Singapore 683815

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