Nov 11, 2016

Providing All-round Anti-bacterial Protection for my Family with Kirei Kirei


I have three super energetic monkies at home. Notice how I made the 'super energetic' words bold? That's because I simply cannot emphasise that enough. If you are a parent, you will probably understand as well - having kids who cannot seem to stop moving, playing, and getting all yucky and sweaty at the same time. 

We parents on the other hand, can do all we think we can to prevent our kids from falling ill - from feeding them healthy balanced meals to cleaning the toys and floor they play on.

But that is only half the battle: our kids have to learn how to keep themselves healthy. for obvious reasons, staying healthy is paramount in any family because that would eliminate the need for parents to take leave from work to look after sick children at home, missing school (or exams!), or worse... the possibility of members in the family taking turns to fall ill. Gasp.

And the surefire way to remain healthy? By letting the kids learn how to keep their own bodies clean. And with Kirei Kirei, I think the task is made easier!

With Lion Japan’s advanced anti-bacterial formulation, Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Body Foam and Foaming Hand Soap uses IPMP (Isopropyl Methylphenol, an anti-bacterial ingredient) to help provide safe Dual Defence anti-bacterial protection for both Body and Hands.

Of course, using products that are safe is extremely important as well... especially with kids in the family. So in case you are wondering, Kirei Kirei's products DO NOT contain any of the 19 anti-bacterial ingredients used in anti-bacterial soaps that are recently banned by the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Instead, Kirei Kirei's formulation uses Isopropyl Methylphenol, (anti-bacterial ingredient) and 100% cleansing ingredients from plants, which not only provides safe anti-bacterial protection, but also gently cleanses and cares for your skin.

And I suppose it does not hurt that the body foam smells so good too. Now I know why Ayd was taking so long to bathe in the shower room!

With the amount of perspiration that the monkies produce, I am just thankful that Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Body Foam helps to mantain freshness all day with deodorizing ingredients to prevent body odor and acne!

But other than just scrubbing one's body clean, did you know that handwashing tops the list of healthy habits children should learn? Simply for one simple reason: Doing it often - and doing it right - can reduce the number of colds, flu, and other infections children get by 50%!

Proper handwashing requires soap and water. By rubbing our palms with an anti-bacterial hand soap like Kirei Kirei, the soap breaks down the grease and dirt that carry most germs. In fact, washing our hands for at least 15 to 30 seconds with soap and water reduces germ counts!

As a rule of thumb, parents can impart these hand-washing steps to their kids through these simple steps:

1. Palm to palm
2. Between fingers
3. Back of hands
4. Base of thumbs
5. Back of fingers
6. Fingernails
7. Wrists
8. Rinse and wipe dry

Oh, and did I mention that Kirei Kirei Anti-bacterial Foaming Hand Soap dispenses soft, creamy foam too?

Yes, it sure looks more fanciful but the real reason for the foam is that it cleanses more effectively and thoroughly than ordinary liquid hand soap.

Both the Foaming Hand Soap and Body Foam come in four refreshing fruity fragrances:

- Moisturizing Peach: Moisturizes skin with peach extracts naturally rich in vitamins, and leaves a mild fruity peach fragrance after wash.

- Refreshing Grape: Leaves skin feeling revitalized with a mild refreshing grape fragrance after wash.

- Caring Berries: Cares for delicate skin with mulberry extracts which is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins. It leaves a sweet berry fragrance after wash.

- Natural Citrus: Leaves a mild fruity citrus fragrance after wash.

Personally, I prefer the after-wash lingering smell of Natural Citrus most.

Need anti-bacterial protection on the go? Kirei Kirei also has the Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitizer which provides effective anti-bacterial protection, and also comes with added moisturizer to care forthe skin.

With its handy size, it is no wonder that the sanitizer is a must-have whenever we head outdoors, especially the playgrounds.

That is also the reason why Kirei Kirei is the No.1 Hand Soap in Japan*, as well as the trusted brand of Vivian Lai, Mediacorp artiste and proud mother of two.

For me, it gives me the peace of mind knowing that Kirei Kirei helps to provide the safe and superior all-round anti-bacterial protection for my family to stay healthy.

And as parents, that is all that matters.

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*Japan’s No. 1 Hand Soap Series INTAGE SRI, Hand Soap Value Sales CY2015.

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