Nov 7, 2016

A Farm Stay in Container Rooms Only One Hour's Drive from Singapore? That's Sinar Eco Resort!

Fancy a farm stay with the kids but do not want to burn a hole in your wallet? Then you should plan a trip down to Sinar Eco really soon!

Because not only is the resort full of farm animals (and plenty of other family-friendly activities), accommodation comes in the form of container rooms as well!

Located in Pekan Nanas, Johor (just before Pontian) and approximately one hour's drive away from Tuas Checkpoint, Sinar Eco is as its name implies - it is all about offering an eco-stay experience for guests.

Nestled in the quiet tranquillity of an oil palm estate, the resort newly opened in May this year and provides the perfect atmosphere for families to embrace the countryside.

Being in the countryside also means that not even the resort's location can be located on Google Maps. Yes, it's that ulu (or secluded)! But all we had to do is to call the resort once we reached Pekan Nanas town centre and its staff drove out to escort us to the resort.

We were there during the June School Holidays so a building consisting of apartment rooms were still under construction. The rooms should be completed by now and I was told that these apartment rooms come with FOUR bedrooms each, which makes it great for a trip with a large group of families or friends!

See the under-construction structure at the top of the building? That's the Sky Bar, which I am sure will offer a splendid view of the entire resort when completed.

For our accommodation though, we stayed in one of the container hotel rooms.

There are a total of 8 air-conditioned containers in all, and each consists of a queen-sized bed, safe, TV, refrigerator and private bathroom.

Granted the container room was not that spacious, but it was pretty decent. In fact, a maximum of 2 extra mattresses can be added to the room (at an extra cost) which meant that the room was able to comfortably fit my family of five.

But the REAL adventure was outside our container rooms and if you know my monkies, you will know that they could not wait to try out all of the activities that Sinar Eco Resort has to offer!

The resort is split into two main areas which are separated by a gravel road. One area houses the accommodation and cafe while the other larger area is home to all of the farm animals and activities.

And speaking of animals, kids who simply adore animals will go absolutely bonkers here. Even better if they love FEEDING and CUDDLING animals!





Yes, even cuddling baby goats!


The monkies even got the chance to milk a cow. No need to fly all the way to Australia to do that! LOL.

There were also baby calves that were perpetually hungry for milk.

Which the monkies duly obliged.


If getting up close with farm animals is not enough, there are plenty of other family-friendly activities to indulge in as well... as we found out.

Besides archery, the resort also has a dirt track for guests to take an ATV out for a spin!

Unfortunately for the monkies, the minimum age for ATV riding is 16 years old. So they simply just watched as I blazed the trail on my ATV. Very liberating!

Well, there is always something less adrenaline-inducing. Guests can also rent bicycles and go exploring the resort compounds and surroundings on their own.

Or go a few rounds on the dirt track, as Ayd did.

There is even a calm river situated at the back of the resort where guests can try out certain water activities.


And no, we were still not done with all of the activities. Not when there is a sheltered swimming pool at the resort!

Come night time, guests will be able to continue the revelry in either the Karaoke or Billards room.

Oh, and I also have to give special mention to the food because the nasi lemak breakfast we had was simply too tasty!

Sinar Eco Resort is a family business so every little thing right down to the food has been meticulously attended to. I found out that the food served at the resort was specially taught (and drilled) to the cooks by the owner's sister. And for that reason alone, I strongly recommend the Chicken Bryani and Mee Mamak which we ordered for one of our lunches there.

Other food options include driving out to the nearby Pekan Nanas town centre (less than 10-minute drive) where there are lots of coffeshops serving good ol' hawker food. Yums.

As expected, the monkies thoroughly enjoyed our 2-night stay at Sinar Eco Resort! If you are looking for a short weekend getaway with the kids, I cannot recommend Sinar Eco enough. Especially if you have kids who love feeding and cuddling farm animals! 

Here's a round-up of all the fun we had:

A video posted by Kelvin Ang (@cheekiemonkies) on

And good news (or bad news depending on how you interpret it), 4G services were virtually non-existent and there was no Wi-Fi either when we were there in June. But I guess that was a blessing in disguise as it provided me the chance to disconnect from the virtual world and just simply relax in the stupendous surroundings of the resort.

Useful Information

Sinar Eco Resort
Address: lot 2346 GM2535 kampung sungai molek Mukim jeram batu, Pekan Nanas
Driving directions: From Tuas Checkpoint, head towards Pontian. Nearest 'landmark' will be 'Public Bank' at Pekan Nanas. That is also the place where the resort staff will meet you to bring you to the resort.
Tel: +60 19-326 0172

For DAY TRIPS (without accommodation)

For booking enquiries, email


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Dee said...

How did u travel to n from SG?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi Dee,

We drove up on our own.

vv said...

Hi! We're planning a trip there during this June hols too! Just wondering if you made full payment to them beforehand or was it a 50% deposit? :)

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi vv,

Ours was a media invite stay so the room was sponsored. But we paid for the food and activities.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Would it be confusing to drive there as it’s not a major resort like Legoland? You didn’t get lost at all?

Cheekiemonkies said...

Hi, there was someone who met us at the town right outside the resort. We then followed the car in.

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