Nov 24, 2016

Why Visa Checkout will Make your Online Shopping Experience Better


Who loves online shopping?

*steal a glance at my wifey*

Because online shopping is extremely convenient, no? From avoiding queues to being able to compare prices between online merchants easily, making a purchase online is pretty much hassle-free. Heck, one can even shop in your pyjamas!

But with more Singaporeans - 71% if you are into numbers - shopping online at least once a month and spending an average of 41 minutes shopping online per day, you would think that the experience would be completely hassle-free. However, there are still some online shopping pains that can occur.

Top of the list has got to be the frustration that comes with making online payments on e-commerce websites. I have got to admit, re-entering my personal details on different merchants’ websites can get extremely cumbersome and time consuming. In fact, there were a few times that I had abandoned my purchases at check-out just because the details that I had to enter seemed endless!

And something tells me this frustration multiplies when one shops on his/her mobile, simply because we do not have the luxury of time to constantly enter the same personal details and information on various online shopping sites.

The solution? Two words.

Visa Checkout.

Visa Checkout is a solution offered by Visa to make online payments easier for consumers like you and me. The intent is to make online shopping faster, easier, and more secure by eliminating the need for us to type in the same information over and over again when shopping online.

Sounds cool. Even cooler is that it is FREE to sign up and the process is a breeze!

All I had to do was to sign up using my email, enter my preferred credit or debit card number and details, and shipping address... and I was done!

The best part of all? I only need one account which can be used on both laptops and mobile devices.

Then I was all set to shop online!

In order to use Visa Checkout, all I had to do is to keep a lookout for the 'Visa Checkout' button.

Once I am done loading my shopping cart with items, I clicked on Visa Checkout button to sign in with my email address and password. The credit card and address information in my Visa Checkout account can then be automatically used and that's about it, really.

If it sounds ridiculously simple, that's because it really is!

Visa Checkout eliminates the need to enter credit card numbers, CVV numbers and credit card expiry dates, ensuring faster transactions and saving time. In fact, it also reduces the number of steps required for consumers to complete their online purchases, making it hassle-free and enhancing the entire shopping experience. And did I mention that Visa Checkout can be accessed on all mobile devices - Androids and iPhones - too? Can't beat the convenience!

Merchants that accepts Visa Checkout include Aviva, Cold Storage, ComGateway, Giant, Guardian, Spizza, Emirates, Qoo10 (Oooh, the wifey's fave!) and Golden Village. More merchants will be coming on board in the future, with exclusive promotions for Visa Checkout-enrolled shoppers.

To test out if the buying experience was truly hassle-free, I tried purchasing movie tickets from Golden Village for a school holiday treat for the monkies. After selecting the date, time and seats for the movie, I clicked on the 'Visa Checkout' button.

After a quick sign-in, I reviewed the payment details and clicked on the 'Pay' button. And I was done. No need to get up to retrieve my wallet, take out my credit card and enter the details. All it took was a few clicks and I got my tickets purchased. That's really fuss-free!

And the icing on the cake? Finding out that I was eligible to purchase 4 Golden Village movie tickets for the price of 3 with any Visa Platinum, Visa Signature or Visa Infinite card... thanks to Visa Checkout! Well, if you prefer, you can also enjoy the exclusive Gold Class Infinite Experience Package for two and enjoy up to 28% discount.

So not only does Visa Checkout save time, it is also rewarding!

To sign up for free, visit HERE.

This story was produced in conjunction with Visa Worldwide Pte. Limited. The above information provided for Visa & Golden Village is for informational purposes only. Cheekiemonkie is not liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein.

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