Dec 1, 2016

School's Out, Cool's In: Ice Skating in Sunny Singapore


If you remember the old skating rink that used to be housed in Jurong Entertainment Centre at Jurong East, congrats - you are from the same era as me. As a teenager, I recall heading down to the rink for class outings and a huge chunk of memories were devoted to how dated and old the entire place actually was. Suffice to say, I didn't really enjoy my ice skating experience back then.

Well, although I have to admit that also had something to do with me falling a few times on the ice.

So when The Rink at JCube extended an invitation for my family and me to give ice skating a go, I hesitated. Primarily because ice skating felt like an activity only meant for the young. Older folks like clumsy me will be more likely to fall and break our soon-to-be brittle bones.

But then, I made the mistake of making the invitation known to the monkies and the rest, as they say, is history.

At 60 by 30 metres, The Rink at JCube is Singapore’s only Olympic-size ice rink and offers an unparalleled ice experience, both on and off the ice. But judging from the monkies' reactions when we reached, they were only far too keen to get ON the ice!

If you are intending to head down, here's something to note: Although The Rink has a flexible ice skating timing, - which means skaters can come in any time during its public skating sessions - do note it has ice resurfacing every 2-hour as per its schedule online HERE.

We were early for the public session and coincidentally, a Learn-to-Skate class was being conducted. Great for beginners, the class ($171.20 per participant) imparts the basics of skating in five lessons (each lesson comprises 30 minutes with a coach and two hours self-practice). Hmmm, sounds like what I will need, no?

Once the class ended, the ice was put through a 15-minute re-surfacing session so that the surface would be kept smooth. And while trying to curb the pent-up enthusiasm of the monkies, I took one long look at The Rink's facilities. The entire place was certainly an upgrade to the previous ice skating rink that I went to as a teenager. It looked brighter, much bigger and the ice looked clean (yes, very important).

The only downside? Everyone, including those dining at the restaurants beside the rink, will be able to see when you fall.

And that was the scenario I was desperately hoping to avoid when I took to the ice.

Not that it bothered the monkies though.

For starters, kids who are beginners have the option of renting skating aids. Kids who are below 1.2m in height or 10 years and below, can opt for the Penguin Skating Aid  ($10 for 2 hours) while adults and older kids can glide the ice with the Snowman Skating Aid ($10 for 2 hours).

If you are bringing the kids, I recommend renting the Seal Skating Aid ($15 for 2 hours) because it is actually good for two persons. Suitable for both children and adults, the skating aid doubles up as a fun ice sled for the little ones, with another person pushing it along!

See what I mean?

The skating aids certainly came in very handy... erm, especially for me! In my defence, I was attempting to keep a lookout for the monkies while trying my best to maintain my balance at the same time.

And then occasionally, I get these people whizzing past me.

HMPH, show-offs.

Just kidding. Frankly, I am amazed by how graceful some of the younger kids were on the ice. Something that I think the monkies, especially Ale, were envious too. Fortunately, there are a handful of Ice Marshalls on the ice during the public skating session and they were only too eager to impart some ice skating tips to the monkies.

And after a few rounds in the rink, I think she got the hang of it.

That was until she decided to take a break. LOL.

But I have to say I am always impressed by how the kids could skate freely after using the skating aids for only a short while.

And I think the best testimonial that the monkies can give is they did NOT want to leave after our 2-hour skating session was up! Okay, me too actually... since I did not crack the ice by falling!

In all seriousness, if you are looking for some place different to bring the kiddos to this school holidays, The Rink will be perfect. Whether it is to escape the searing outdoor sun or to take refuge from the monsoon season rain, a 2-hour skating session will be greatly welcomed!

So if you are planning a trip down to The Rink, here's what to take note when it comes to apparel:

- Wear layered clothing to ensure comfort. It might feel rather chilly at first but you'll gradually warm up as you skate.
- Long pants/jeans to keep you warm and protect you if you fall.
- THICK calf socks for cushioning (avoid ankle socks). Very important because Ash and the wifey had little blisters on their feet as they wore thin socks.
- Gloves are optional but strongly recommended.

And this school holidays, enjoy an added dimension of fun and entertainment at The Rink by joining in its Holiday Ice Camp. Special Christmas’s Eve Countdown & New Year’s Eve Countdown parties are also scheduled as well. Oh, and don't forget to catch JR, The Rink’s ice skating mascot, for a special Meet & Greet on ice. More details in the poster below.

Useful Information

The Rink at JCube
Address: 2 Jurong East Central 1, Level 3, JCube, Singapore 609731
Opening Hours: Varying timings according to monthly schedule but typically starts from 10.30am. Check website for detailed timings.
Rates:  2-hour Admission Rates with Skate Boots Rental: Adult: $17.50, Child (12 years & below): $15.50
For more details on rates, visit
*Purchase tickets online up to 1 week in advance to beat the queue

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