Jan 4, 2017

With the Portable SHARP Ultrasonic Washer, Removing Stains has Never been this Easy (& Fun)!


If you are a parent, you are probably very familiar with stained clothes.  When the monkies were toddlers, it seemed like everything they wore got stained. I usually don’t worry about it too much, or least I TRY NOT TO BE (unless it is a brand new, expensive piece of apparel!), but you know what... sometimes it is nice to have one unstained article of clothing to wear. 

Because let's face it, kids EQUAL stains.

And even though the monkies now have gotten (slightly) better in keeping their clothes stain-free, the occasional ketchup sauce, marker and mud stains still irks me.  

That was in the past.

Now, I have this sleek baby to thank for curing my 'stain' idiosyncrasy.

A bottle of stain removal fluid? Well, that is only half correct.

It is a stain remover alright, but no chemicals are used in this silver contraption. Rather, it is a gadget that runs on rechargeable batteries.... AND removes stains effortlessly!

The all-new Ultrasonic Washer from SHARP introduces a revolutionary new way to treat spot stains on clothing. And because of its handy size, it is portable which eliminates the inconvenience and worry caused by accidental stains.

Unboxing the Ultrasonic Washer will yield the Washer itself, a bag for storing the device when not in use, a USB cable for charging the battery (it uses the same port as Android phones), and a sponge for wetting the stains when you are out of the house.

Yes, that last bit of 'wetting the stains' is crucial because that is the basis of how the Ultrasonic Washer functions.

See the tip of the Washer? That tip attacks stains with ultrasonic waves. An innovative oscillator at the tip of the device vibrates at 38,000 strokes a second.

For the tip to do its work, the stained portion of the clothing needs to be wet so that when the tip is placed over wet fabric, the vibrations generate invisible micro-bubbles in the water. As the bubbles implode, they loosen and eventually remove foreign matter stuck on the fabric.

Or that is how it should work theoretically.

The only way to find out was to put the Ultrasonic Washer to the test... on my favourite white shirt. Yikes.

I smeared ketchup and soya sauce on a portion of the fabric (oh, my poor shirt!) and for added effect, I let the stains sit in for 30 minutes. Because if you know these little buggers called stains, you will know that the longer they remain on fabric, the more difficult they are to remove.

And since it seemed like such a fun thing to do, Ale volunteered to test out the Washer on my behalf.

All she had to do was to first soak the stained area in water, trace the stains using the tip of the washer and then rinse. VOILA!

It was amaze-balls! The stains came off effortlessly and I did not even pre-treat the stains with detergent!

For a closer look how the Washer does its magic, check out the short video I made:

To be honest, I did not expect the Ultrasonic Washer to be thaaaaat good with stains.

And the best part? It uses NO chemicals at all. Just pure ultrasonic waves. Because just like the type of food that I put into my monkies' bodies, I prefer to minimise the usage of chemicals whenever possible.

Even better, it is extremely easy to use, with a 3 simple steps: Soak, Trace, and Rinse. All done in a matter of minutes. The Sharp Ultrasonic Washer is also very portable as it is cordless with a USB rechargeable battery. It is lightweight enough to fit into a bag, or to keep it at the office for those unwanted 'bak chor mee chilli' stains.

For Ale though, she has since bestowed the title of 'Magic Brush' on the SHARP Ultrasonic Washer because in her words, "It feels like I am painting when I use the Washer on the stains and then, the stains disappear... like magic!"

I could not agree more.

The SHARP Ultrasonic Washer is retailing at all SHARP authorised dealer shops for S$199. For more information, visit sharp.com.sg/ultrasonic-washer/.

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