Feb 20, 2017

My Customised Hair Treatment with TK TrichoKare


A lot of factors can cause one's hair to drop: genetics, stress, diet, and kids.

Well, the last part is not scientifically proven (yet) but after being a parent for 12 years, I can tell you there are times when the monkies drive me up the wall and make me feel like ripping my hair out!

But despite not having control over most factors, there are ways to put a stop to hair problems. Just as how having hair problems isn’t an overnight affair, different people require different solutions when it comes to hair care treatments. Because let's face it, not all hair care products suits everyone hair conditions.

Which is why TrichoKare prides itself in providing customised European herbal hair remedies for different hair and scalp conditions.

First things first, what is Trichology? Simply put, it is the science of the structure, function, diseases and care of the human hair and scalp and it covers the anatomy, chemistry and physiology of the hair and scalp, as well as nutrition, genetics and microbiology.

So what is the role of a Trichologist? He or she is a certified individual who understands the chemistry and effects of ingredients used in the manufacture of hair products, nutrition and lifestyle on hair and scalp.

And TrichoKare takes its business seriously enough that it is the leading trichological centre in Singapore that features customised treatments validated by certified trichologists with products formulated by a professional herbalist.

Everyone hair and scalp conditions are different, thus you need a customised treatment to get to the root of your hair problems.

All well and good... but one question remains - how healthy is my scalp?

Unfortunately, it wasn't too good as the scalp analysis in the above photos show. My scalp was rather greasy and had little flakes of dry scalp at certain parts. See the orange spots in the bottom right photo? Those are signs that the pores are blocked and if left further unchecked, it will result in more hair fall.


My TrichoKare Hair Specialist - who has been trained under the hands of certified Trichologists - recommended a suitable treatment programme tailored to my scalp needs: a detox session involving a mask, wash and treatment for the scalp.

TrichoKare only uses premium European herbs in its treatments so as to deliver a natural solution for its customers. So what goes into the masque is the healing herbal essences of Lavender and Melaleuca extracts, which is ideal for unclogging hair follicles by removing excess sebum and debris such as dandruff and other impurities from the scalp.

My scalp treatment was then topped off with a hair tonic rub and Infrared treatment, which served to improve the blood circulation beneath the scalp, as well as to ensure that the tonic was further penetrated deep down to my hair roots.

And then came the big reveal.

The after-treatment hair scan showed that the treatment was really effective in unclogging my follicles, and I have to say that I was impressed. Just take a look at the before and after photos of my scalp.

The left photo shows my scalp before the treatment and you can clearly see the clogged pores and greasy scalp. I guess you can pretty much tell the difference in the after-treatment photo then.

Clearly, the detox masque helped to remove dead skin cells on my scalp as well as opened up the clogged pores... which will help to encourage new hair growth. All these, after just one session! And it was not just through the photos... my scalp felt less greasy than before and come night time, it still felt remarkably fresh (and non-itchy).

Looks like I am just one of the many thousands of customers who TrichoKare has helped regain their hair and scalp health since 2004. In fact, many celebrities including Xiaxue, Mediacorp's Jaynesh and Anand, have visited TrichoKare to have their hair problems solved.

But perhaps the greatest testament to TrichoKare's effective customised hair treatments can be attributed to the numerous awards it has received in the previous year:

  • ELLE Beauty Treat List 2017 – Best Treatment For Hair Loss
  • Her World Spa Awards 2016 – Best Treatment For Damaged Hair
  • Harper’s BAZAAR Hair Awards 2016 – Best Sebum-Regulating Treatment for Oily Scalp
  • The Singapore Women’s Weekly Hair Awards 2016 – Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment

And to top everything off, Gladys (the hair specialist who attended to me) really knew her stuff and was very warm in the consultation.

So if you are looking to get to the root of your hair problems, GREAT NEWS!

TrichoKare is currently offering its award-winning Hair Fall Prevention Treatment programme for $42. This includes a detailed analysis, Hair Care Kit and Restorative Scalp Serum with a total value of $669!

Book your appointment online HERE.

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