Mar 6, 2017

Saber Tag Birthday Parties for Older Kids + Giveaway!

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You know your child has grown that tad older when indoor playgrounds just don't cut it for him anymore. How about bouncy castles and birthday parties at McDonald's? Oh please, that's so so so childish, shrieked Ash when I sounded him out for party plans for his 12th birthday.


Of course I knew he would protest vehemently at the thought of a kiddie-themed party.

So how do you celebrate a birthday for a tween? By swinging (foam) lightsabers at one another, that's how!

Ash first had contact with Saber Tag last year and he loved it so much that there was only one thing on his mind when it came to celebrating his birthday in January this year.

So what's Saber Tag? Saber Tag is a novel team-based gaming concept, the first of its kind in Asia and possibly the world, that incorporates combat sabers and proprietary electronic scoring vest technology.

The brainchild of The Fun Empire - the leading events and team-building company in Singapore that develops unique games and activities - players don these scoring vests and wield glowing combat sabers to engage in a variety of exciting game missions against their friends and colleagues in a fun and safe manner.

The great thing about Saber Tag is it can be played at any other indoor or outdoor location as long as there is sufficient space – around the size of a basketball court. And if you are looking for a perfect venue to host your Saber Tag party, The Cage @ Kallang will be your best bet.

The Cage provides the ideal indoor place to play futsal and in fact, it also provides its own futsal birthday party packages... which comes with an A1-sized football-themed poster Of the birthday child by the way.

Yes, that thrilled Ash to bits.

Besides futsal though, The Cage is also suitable for hosting other forms of parties (especially if you do not want to be at the mercy of Singapore's unpredictable weather).

Like a game of Combat Archery Tag.

In addition to Saber Tag, The Fun Empire provides other fun games in the form of Bubble Bump, Poolball, Laser Tag, Ninja Tag and Combat Archery Tag.

The kids had a chance to try out the latter which combines elements of paintball, dodge ball and archery... but not before sitting through a quick tutorial session conducted by The Fun Empire's facilitators.

When you book a session with The Fun Empire, it also comes with professionally-trained facilitators who act as guides as well as referees for the games.

And then, it was time to let the games begin!

The goal of the game is to strike your opponents with the arrow on the other side of the pitch. And in case you are wondering, the arrows come with special foam tips so it is safe and (quite) painless.

As you can see, most of the kids chose to play it safe by hiding behind the camo tents and biding their time.

Of course, there are some who are also Hawkeye wannabes.

All in, Combat Archery Tag is a pretty fun game although I will only recommend it for kids aged 10 and above. Younger kids may find the process of pulling back the bowstring and trying to aim a little tough.

At least the next game had ALL of the kids roaring with approval!

In Saber Tag, players wield glowing combat sabers to engage in a variety of exciting game missions against their opponents. Each player first has to put on their team's respective coloured bibs and special electronic scoring vests.

The vest has both a front and back piece, and is uniquely designed to detect impact from the foam-padded combat sabers that players are equipped with. Each successful impact (or tag) on either the front or back piece of the vest is denoted by a loud beep and will decrease a player’s life on the vest. After 3 successful tags, the vest will produce a long beep to indicate that the player is eliminated.

A standard Saber Tag game setting involves 10 players  in the gaming arena - 5 representing  the Light Side and 5 representing the Dark Side. Each game lasts about 5 minutes before players switch over and take a break.

I tried it once and let's just say 5 minutes may sound short but it is one darn workout!

And just watching the kids go charging at one another with the combat sabers was enough to tire me out.

I suppose the beaming smiles are a testament to how much fun the kids had then.

It is no surprise then that ALL of the kids declared Saber Tag as the fave game of the two. In fact, some of them even proclaimed it to be more thrilling than Laser Tag! And I have to agree - because nothing beats (pun intended) having a saber in your hands and swinging - sometimes wildly - at your opponent.

And the kids were visibly disappointed when their game time came to an end. Fortunately, The Cage had kindly extended Ash's birthday party by another hour... which the kids wasted no time in having a futsal match.

If you are looking for a party venue, The Cage @ Kallang is sheltered and well-ventilated, with each pitch housed in a private space. Each pitch has its own drink vending machines, toilet, showers, seating areas, as well as an audio outlet for you to plug in your music player.

Suffice to say, every child went home exhausted... and happy.

Looking to do something different with the kids this March School Holidays?
The Fun Empire is currently running a PROMOTION where a session for up to 25 kids costs only $200 (U.P. $400)! Terms and conditions apply, so head to for more details.


Congratulations to TAN EUNICE! You have won ONE Session (Worth up to $390) for ONE chosen activity under The Fun Empire! Please email me at for prize redemption details. Thanks!

OR you can just win ONE Session (Worth up to $390) for ONE chosen activity under The Fun Empire!

To participate, simply complete the following steps:

1. LIKE The Fun Empire's Facebook page HERE.
2. HEAD to to fill in your particulars.
3. Leave a COMMENT either in the corresponding Facebook post HERE or in this blog post once you have done both steps above.

SHARE this blog post of the giveaway on Facebook for a BONUS chance! Remember to set your profile to public so that I can see the shared post.

Giveaway ends on 12 March 2017, 2359 hours.


Useful information

Saber Tag sessions are typically held in sheltered futsal pitches across Singapore. Some of The Fun Empire’s partner locations include The Cage @ Kallang and Kovan Sports Centre, which are both conveniently located near MRT stations.

Saber Tag can also be played at any other indoor or outdoor location as long  as there is sufficient space – around the size of a basketball court. Possible locations include public parks,school compounds, gym studios, etc.

Pricing of a Saber Tag session depends on group size, duration of the session and location required. An hour’s game of Saber Tag starts from around $18/pax  onwards. Advance booking is required and can be done online at or through phone at 6515 4146.

The Fun Empire

The Cage

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Keeping fingers crossed to win it!

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Thanks for the giveaway!

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I know my boy will enjoy with his friends.

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