Mar 27, 2017

Got kids who love planes? Fly to the FREE Aviation-themed Playground at Seletar Aeospace Park!

In case you haven't heard, The Oval at Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) is currently the foodie hot spot to head to for a family-friendly alfresco brunch or dinner.

Consisting of a few dining establishments like Wheeler's Estate, Youngs Bar & Restaurant and The Summerhouse, The Oval @ SAP is a cluster of ex-Royal Air Force black and white colonial bungalows – which the restaurants are housed in – that were gazetted for conservation under the Urban Redvelopment Authority Master Plan 2014.

But more than just dining, it is a great place to bring the kids as there are plenty of open green spaces for them to run amok. Oh, and of course there is this.

An aviation-themed playground for the kids!

In keeping with the aviation theme of SAP, all the play structures at the playground come in the form of aeroplanes and other aviation landmarks.

The playground is essentially divided into 2 areas: one for toddlers and younger kids while the other is for older kids who love a good climb.

The toddler area features a mini play structure where everything are mini-sized, like the climbing rope, ladder, wall and slide.

What's a playground without a swing, no?

The perennial merry-go-round fave is given a slight twist here - it comes in the form of a helipad.

But what got the monkies excited was the huge life-sized Ludo (or aeroplane chess) board game that parents and kids can play together!

Up to 16 people can play at any time. But how does one spin the dice to move, you ask? By spinning this rocket-shaped structure in the middle.

Obviously the monkies could not resist indulging in a game of Ludo.

Guess who was the eventual winner?

For older kids, they might fancy the other playground which comes with larger play structure and a control tower.

Scamper up the control tower and one will be rewarded with a meandering slide down.

Besides the usual slides and climbing components, the main play structure also has monkey bars for kids to expend even more energy.

Or you could just simply relax by plonking onto the net swing.

Parents who prefer to let their kids do the playing can rest on the nearby bench area, which interestingly is also shaped like an aeroplane.

The playground is located between The Summerhouse and Wheeler’s Estate. If you are driving, park at either Zone A or Zone D. There are toilets and a wash tap nearby.

Also, do note that the playground is not well-sheltered so it can get really hot during midday and afternoons. Remember to bring along sunblock or caps!

Useful Information

The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park
Address: 3 Park Ln, Singapore 798387

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