Apr 24, 2017

Scale a Giant Frisbee or Sloping Wall at these 2 New Outdoor Playgrounds in Singapore

Gone are the days when playgrounds in Singapore are consist of the usual climb-and-slide play structures. These days, kids have it rather good when it comes to unique playground designs... especially if if comes in the form of these awesome structures.

Over the past few months, 2 brand new playgrounds have sprouted in 2 contrasting estates here so with the monkies in tow, I checked them out over the weekend.


Located in one of Singapore's oldest estates lies a dynamic rope climbing net held between two futuristic steel rings.

Manufactured by Germany-based Corocord, this giant frisbee allows kids to embark on completely new climbing adventures compared to the usual climbing net structures.

The mesh nets throughout the frisbee are of narrow and broad sizes which are great for climbing and swinging. Coupled with different elements, the frisbee structure challenged the monkies to come out with ways to navigate around the stucture in the fastest possible time.

With the unique curved shape and colourful structures, play on the structure is entirely left up to the imagination of the kids - just the way how the monkies enjoyed it!


From one of the oldest estates in Singapore, we headed to the newest estate - Punggol and my, what a multi-sensory play experience this playground comprised of!

Blending the natural terrain of Punggol Waterway into the design of the playground, an interesting and fun playscape was created for kids of all ages to enjoy.

One thing that all kids love is climbing. Ditto for the monkies who loved scampering up the slope structure which came with banister bars to allow for a quick descent (or ascent).

For a greater challenge, kids can head to the sloping climbing wall!

What's a playground without slides? Two embankment slides situated right beside the climbing wall allowed the monkies to make a quick return to the base of the climbing wall for another round of fun.

Interestingly, did you know that sliding trains a child's focal tracking and sense of space?

There is also a trampoline, which is embedded among rubber flooring.

The playground may not be as big as compared to some other playgrounds, but its unique and eye-catching design will definitely attract plenty of kids. Better still if they enjoy loads of climbing and jumping!

Useful Information

Corocord Frisbee
Address: Blk 17 Toa Payoh Lorong 7, Singapore 310017

Playground @ Waterway Brooks
Address: Blk 678C Punggol Drive, Singapore 823678

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May Ann said...

A good place for children to play and enjoy...^_^


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