May 9, 2017

Games that Families can Play Anywhere... Together with an Indulgent Treat


Spending family time together need not necessarily mean having to head outdoors. Playing simple games together - whether it's at home, during a long ride in the car (or bus) or waiting for the food to arrive in a restaurant - sure beats yanking out that electronic device.

But when you have a family of all ages, what are the games that you can play that will engage the oldest and the youngest, the enthusiastic and the not so enthusiastic? Here are some suggestions as all of these are super simple so players of all ages can learn quickly.

1. Drawing Game

Start a drawing game. One person starts by drawing a shape on a piece of paper and passing it to the next player, who adds to it. Keeping passing around the drawing until everyone has a turn, or for a predetermined number of times. See how outrageous the drawing can turn out in the end.

2. The ABC Game

Pick a topic like cartoons, movies, animals, food, etc. First person starts by choosing a word that begins with 'A' in the selected category. The next person continues by selecting a word that begins with 'B' in the same category and so on. The game keeps going until you get to the end of the alphabet. Want to make it even more challenging? Have each person remember everything the person before had said and add on their chosen word in the alphabetical order. Whoever fails to remember all the words will be out of the game.

3. Memory Game

Play a game that trains the memory! Place an assortment of items on the table or floor. Everyone tries to memorize the items. Everyone closes their eyes then one person removes a few items and players try to guess what was removed. 

4. Let’s Tell a Story

This should be nothing new but it is definitely a great way to pass the time. One person gets the ball rolling by making up the beginning of a story. The next person picks up and starts adding to the story. With kids, you can be sure that the story is bound to get sillier and sillier but that's the beauty of it, no? Not to mention it might just aid in the kids having to think creatively!

5. The Telephone Game

This game is ideally played with a larger group of kids. Whisper a fairly long phrase into the ear of the first child and have he/she then whisper what the exact phrase into the next person’s ear. Have the last person in the chain to say the phrase aloud and see how much of it has changed! Cue giggles and laughter all around.

And if spending time with your kids is precious, why not make it a whole lot sweeter with the occasional Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy?

The monkies are no strangers to Kinder, thanks to the Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs that they receive as a treat from the grandparents. Now, Kinder has launched the bite-sized Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy which as you can tell, the monkies are dying to snatch it off me!

Oval-shaped just like a mini egg. each treat is the size of a candy, and with its individually and innovative package ensuring perfect hygiene and convenience. And opening it is easy enough - just pull the tab.

Give the tab a quick turn around.

And there you have it. YUMS!

Each treat has delicious milky and cocoa filling inside a crunchy milk chocolate coated wafer biscuit covered with tasty cocoa sprinkles. Pop the entire thing in your mouth, and the two delicious milky and cocoa creams instantly explodes in the mouth. It is pretty hard to imagine just reading so you really have to try it for yourself!

As for the monkies' verdict, they simply cannot just stop at one! The Kinder chocolate is sweet but not on the verge of being too sugary sweet. The chocolate worked very well with the milky filling, which makes the flavour and texture of each Schoko Bon that little smoother.

Kinder Schoko Bons Crispy is a unique treat that appeals to the entire family. The different pack sizes make it ideal to share it with loved ones and create moments of togetherness.

So yes, a great indulgent treat for the kids and they come highly recommended by the monkies!

Kinder Shoko Bons Crispy now available at all major retailers.

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