May 24, 2017

Liese Blauné One-Touch Color is not your usual DIY hair dye kit


For some, finding a strand of white hair is enough to send them into a full-on panic. Eyes wide with terror, they decide for a full 5 minutes whether it should be plucked or allowed to stay. And then they start sobbing uncontrollably until they fall asleep.

Okay, so perhaps I exaggerate.

But I'm sure we all agree when I say having white hair is a serious matter... especially to me, since the number of white hairs have been multiplying ever since the monkies came along!

Okay... to the monkies' credit, they have been excellent white hair pluckers all these while. Hmmm, maybe the commission of 10c per strand of white hair helped but at least I could get rid of those dreaded white hairs.

Eventually though, there came to a point when I knew that the perpetual plucking of white hair isn't that effective. Simply because there was just TOO MUCH white hair!!! So I started to ignore them and learn to live with it.... until one fine day when Ale quipped, "Papa, how come you got so many white hair? Ma-ma (Grandma) also has a lot, you know? You mean you are as old as her?"

Oh man, that's it.

I toyed with the idea of heading to the hair salon to get my hair dyed but the treatment is not exactly cheap and I do not have the time (and patience) to sit through the entire process either.

Dying my hair myself probably seems like the more economical and time-saving option... which was why I placed all my hopes on Liese Blauné One-Touch Color, the new DIY hair dye which promises to provide 1.5x more efficient white hair coverage!

Prior to this, I have not dyed my hair before whether it is at a salon or using a DIY hair colour kit. But the wifey had dyed her hair on her own before - in fact, I assisted her - and I remembered having to mix two different sets of cream together before applying it on the hair. It was rather tedious but that was nothing compared to the ammonia smell that came with the creams!

So when I unboxed the Liese Blauné One-Touch Color kit, I was surprised to find just one bottle dispenser, a comb and a syringe.

Turns out that the dispenser is able to dispense the right amount of cream in just one press. All I had to do to get started was to press the pump lever and ensure that both creams were dispensed equally onto the comb.

It was really THAT simple. And the best part, there was NO manual mixing required on my part!

Oh and in case you are wondering, the cream has no pungent ammonia smell. Instead, it has a gentle fragrance which is important if you do not wish to go out with hair that smells like ammonia immediately after colouring your hair.

Then came the fun part - I combed the creams straight onto my hair and with every stroke of the comb, the advanced cream technology ensures both creams are instantly well-mixed which allows each hair strand to be completely covered.

It was really so easy that even Ale could do it for me! I actually think she enjoyed it tremendously (because it felt like painting).

Complementing the magic of the creams is the unique triple reach brush that comes with the kit. The soft rubber bristles on the brush helped to push the cream down to the roots of my hair, targeting the strands of white hair from root to tip. To ensure complete coverage, the comb also comes with a mini brush – small but mighty, the mini brush finds its way even to hard-to-reach areas such as the hairline and around the ears!

So after using the comb to distribute the cream evenly, I was done. And it took me no more than 10 minutes!

All I had to do next was to leave the cream on my hair for 15 minutes. Can you tell Ale was excited to see the result of her handiwork? LOL.

Alright, me too actually. So when the time was up, I went to rinse my hair by shampooing twice and then dried it thoroughly.

And this was the result.

Cannot see clearly? Let me zoom in on the top of my head for you.

OH-EM-GEE! For once, I have a head full of black hair! And my hair feels softer too even though I did not put any conditioner after rinsing off the hair dye.

And the best part? The unused portion of the cream in the dispenser can be kept for future use! All I had to do was to use the syringe to wash the nozzles of the dispenser thoroughly and I am able to keep it for multiple touch-ups as my hair grows longer. Yay to even more savings!

At the end of the day, females are not the only ones who are concerned about white hair. I'm sure many males have the same worries too. But more often than not, we either cannot find the time to head to the salon regularly or simply cannot be bothered about our white hair.

Well, no more excuses now with Liese Blauné One-Touch Color - not only is it so simple and quick to use, it is also pretty affordable at only S$15.90! For me, I can now look younger than my age, at a fraction of the usual cost and time taken!

Liese Blauné One-Touch Color is available at leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and western pharmacies, retailing at a promotional price of $15.90 (U.P. $17.90) from now until the end of May 2017.

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Thanks for sharing.

May I know if the cream was itchy to the scalp?

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