Jul 14, 2017

Assitive Living Products that make Growing Old a little more Convenient


It is no secret that Singapore is a nation that is ageing rapidly. Did you know that one in four people here will be 65 or above by 2030? Personally, crossing the 40-year-old mark had made me realise that my body is not like what it was when I was in my twenties. I then look at my parents and also realise how much they have aged over the years.

And as age increases, it is inevitable that one's physical capabilities as well as self-care abilities gradually declines. Despite this, elderly people can use various types of assistive devices to help with daily activities and to maintain functional independence. Caregivers - like their kids - can also select the appropriate assistive devices base on their needs, so as to enable them to live safely, independently and happily.

So, what is an assistive device?

Assistive device is a specially-designed device to assist people who have difficulty to perform activities of daily living. It can be applied in different situations, like dressing, feeding, toileting, bathing, grooming, household activities, and mobility.

I believe assistive technology is going to become an increasingly important part of people's lives in future. After all, we will live longer and I think it is safe to say that we all want to keep functioning independently for as long as possible. I know I want that!

This is where Ministry of SilverLining (MoSL) comes into the picture. A locally registered company established since 2013 by a team of professional health care staff, it provides assistive living products and gadgets for the general and specialized public. The products allow users to maximize independence through the use of assistive technology which in turn, increases the quality of life  for both the care taker and receiver.

Browsing through its website, I saw plenty of products ranging from helping to cope with forgetfulness and wander prevention, to those that offer safety and mobility aid. I picked three that I think would suit my elderly parents - especially my Dad - the most and guess what? The monkies ended up being extremely fascinated with them!

28 Compartments Alarm Pill Box (S$128)

First things first, this is not your usual plastic pill box. For starters, it dispenses medications up to 28 times before it needs to be reloaded. What this means is it is good for one-time-a-day medication for up to 28 days, or four-times-a-day medication for up to a week!

And best of all, it comes with an alarm which reminds the user to eat his meds at the appropriate timings.

The setup procedure is straightforward - similar to setting the alarm function on a digital watch. At each medication time, the pill box flashes a light and rings an alarm until the user turns it upside down to pour the pills into the hand.

The pillbox can also be locked so that only those medications due to take can be accessed, thereby preventing overdose. This is very important as many elderly tend to forget they have already taken the medications.

In fact, it is so simple to use that the monkies were the ones who taught my Dad how to operate the pill box!

If you are looking for a reliable and excellent-quality pill dispenser that you can program for up to 28 days at a time AND comes with an alarm, the 28 Compartments Alarm Pill Box is one nifty gadget to have at home... thanks to its three main features:

- Users will take the correct medication: No taking of wrong medication anymore as the caregiver can use the pillbox to store and dispense pills conveniently.
- Take the right dosage: The pillbox comes with a lock to prevent overdose.
- Taking medication at the right time: The alarm reminds the user to take the medication at the appropriate timings.

 Oh, and it sure helped that the pill box comes with pretty deep medication compartments too, so that more meds can be kept at any one time.

Talking Alarm Clock (S$33.90)

I guess the name of the product gave it away.

Talking clocks are fantastic tools for people suffering from cognitive impairments, memory loss, impaired vision and for the elderly in general. And as you see from the photo above, one of its main selling point is its large LCD screen - perfect for the elderly who may have poorer eyesight. But the greatest advantage going for it is the time can be told with a push of the 'TALKING' button.

With just one push, the time, temperature and humidity readings will be voiced out clearly. If you are one who is used to looking at the time when waking up in the middle of the night, this is one useful talking clock... especially if you wear glasses and don't want to be bothered with putting them on at night!

The Talking Clock also comes with an alarm feature as well as a countdown timer (useful for naps). Overall, the clock is easy to use buttons and with its talking function, it is no surprise that the monkies want it as their alarm clock to wake to during school term!

The Talking Clock comes in either English or Chinese versions.

Digital Talking Alarm Watch (S$24.90)

Similar to the Talking Clock, the Digital Talking Alarm Watch is speaks the time in a voice at the touch of a button which make it a great accessory to wear outdoors. It comes with digital time and date display on a clear LCD screen and includes hourly time announcements, alarm and snooze functions.

What I liked about the watch is not only does it sport a big LCD display, it is extremely lightweight. But most importantly, there are no complicated buttons or functions to set. Setting the time or alarm is relatively straightforward, with ease of use being an important prerequisite for any device designed for the elderly.

The Talking Alarm Watch comes in either English or Chinese versions.

Calorie Measuring Rice Spoon (S$79.90)

Of all the products, I think I need this the most. Its purpose is simple enough: it is a measuring tool for keeping tabs on one's rice calorie intake.

By scooping rice with Calorie Measuring Rice Spoon, I can now gauge exactly how much calories I am consuming with each scoop. The display on the rice spoon gives an accurate reading of the calories and weight in less than 3 seconds.

Obviously, this rice spoon will be extremely useful for people with dietary restrictions, like patients with diabetes.

At the end of the day, everyone wishes to be independent. And because independence means ease, comfort and dignity, MoSL strongly believes that technology can serve as a helping hand; allowing users to enjoy their independence and assist their caregivers at the same time.


Thanks to MoSL, I have FIVE SETS of the Talking Alarm Clock to give away!

The 5 winners have been picked! You have each won one Talking Alarm Clock each. Congratulations! Please email me at kelvin@cheekiemonkie.net for prize collection details. Thanks!

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4. Cecilia Chng
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To participate, all you have to do is the following:

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Giveaway ends on 22 July 2017, 2359 hours.


Useful Information

Ministry of SilverLining (MoSL)
Buy ONLINE at mosl.com.sg
Visit its RETAIL STORE at Isetan (Parkway Parade) Departmental Store, Level 1, Heartful Station (Operating Hours: 10:30 am - 9:30 pm daily)
Tel: (65) 9152-8698
Email: customercare@mosl.com.sg

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