Aug 10, 2017

Ayd Turns 11!

Today is Ayd's 11th birthday.

And with every monkie's birthday, I get incredibly nostalgic and even a little edgy. Because it genuinely and truly it feels like only a few months since they came into my life. Where on earth did all the time go???

So I make it a point to celebrate the annual birthdays of the monkies with a post for each of them because let's face it - there would not be a blog without them.  Well... although without them, I would also have less white hair.  And a lot more money.

But that is besides the point. The point is my second child is creeping towards teen-dom!

This past year, he has managed to retain all of his amazing qualities and grew a few more. Not only is he kind, goofy, lovable and generous with his love, he shows fierce determination when he fixates on a goal. But this past year, I rub my eyes and see a completely different kid. Someone who is more confident. Someone who has really grown into his own.

And we all know who deserves the credit for shaping him into the amazing young man he has become thus far. It's me, for cracking all those hilarious jokes throughout his growing up years.

Okay I’m kidding. It is Mummy. She deserves the credit.

He helps more around the house now, and continue to be a wonderful brother to his siblings. Especially to Ale... both of them can talk and banter throughout one entire car's trip, punctuating the atmosphere with their infectious laughter.

In short, he is truly a pleasure to be around. And I couldn't be more proud. I am forever grateful and blessed to be his Dad.

Happy Birthday Ayd!

We love you almost as much as you love noodles.

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