Sep 18, 2017

No more scorching sun... Diggersite @ Yishun Reopens at a Cooler Spot!

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Earlier this year, Diggersite shifted from its East Coast Park premise to ORTO in Yishun. And for the past 2 months, the site has been closed. Well, it has since re-opened earlier this month, NOT at its same spot but just right beside its previous location.

I'll spare you the technicalities but just know that Diggersite is now not part of ORTO but part of Ground-up Initiative instead. It is directly opposite the open-air carpark at ORTO, so you cannot possibly miss the bright yellow container and forklift!

For those who haven't been to Diggersite, it offers both adults and kids a realistic experience in operating smaller scale construction machinery like excavators. Yes, they are no toys but REAL machinery!

Compared to the previous location, the construction vehicles cannot be seen from its main entrance. Just walk on in and you will see a huge container - future plans for it include converting it into a cafe and/or party room for birthday parties.

As you walk further down the path, a payment counter comes into view and this is the place where kids can also put on the complimentary safety helmets and vests before venturing to the vehicles.

Once that is done, the real excitement begins!

One HUGE advantage of this new location is the ample amount of shade for all the stations! A common grouse among both parents and kids of the old location was the lack of shelter and it can get extremely hot in the afternoon.

We were there during mid-afternoon and I can happy to report that the many trees did a fantastic job in keeping the entire area so much cooler. Oh, and those are rambutan trees by the way. Maybe got free fruits when it is rambutan season? LOL.

As for the stations, all but one of the previous stations remain the same. In total, there are 6 stations.


The name sounds straightforward enough; kids are tasked to scoop sand using the excavators into a bucket.


This station involves knocking over plastic bottles using a ball attached to the arm of the excavator.


This station features 2 diggers with 2 different tasks. The above digger lets kids transfer the balls onto a slide while the below one allows kids to grab colourful balls using a giant claw and place them into the tires.


If you have older kids aged 7 and above, they will enjoy the 2 excavators here... simply because they require more skill.

Rather than scooping up sand, they are tasked to operate the excavators to complete certain goals. Like the Log Loading station where they have to pick up logs using the machine and place them into the wheelbarrow.

Or the Log Bowling station where they will get to release a log down a ramp and attempt to knock over three 'bowling pins'.


 Now this is something extremely novel for the kids! Kids (or parents) will be able to attract metal boxes using an electromagnet in a mini tower crane.

All they have to do is to transfer the metal boxes from a wooden pallet and place them in the individual rubber tyres. It's not as easy as it looks!


Visitors will be able to hop onto the mine cart and go on a ride around the compound. The cart ride takes approximately 10 minutes.

There used to be a Forklift station too, where kids will be able to drive around in a forklift. But at the time of writing, the forklift is under maintenance and the staff have no idea when it will be available.

But at least there is still the Sand Pit for kids who love sand play!

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the shade. The previous location was so minimally sheltered that hats and sunblock are a must. But as you can see from the photos, the new area is so much cooler - and it helps that there are plenty of large fans too, with more than enough chairs for parents to sit and wait.

Definitely a much more picturesque - and hence, Instagram-worthy - location too!

If you are planning to head down, here are a few things to take note of:

- Although the area is well-sheltered, there may be mosquitoes. Ale got 2 bites while we were there. Diggersite is not allowed to do fogging at the site because Ground-up Initiative grows crops organically just beside it. So do bring along insect repellent.

- Usage of safety helmet and vest is complimentary.

- The recommended age is from 2 years and above. Children under 6 years old must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

- No upper age limit as even adults are welcome.

- Opening hours are from 11am to 9pm on weekdays and 9am to 9pm on weekends.

- Due to the machinery involved, avoid wearing flip-flops or sandals as they do not protect the feet.

- If you prefer an air-conditioned environment, Diggersite also had two other locations are JCube (#03-17) and Suntec City (#02-734; Next to Mcdonald's).

AND in case you have not taken part, I am currently giving away SIX Diggersite membership cards! Each card is good for 10 rides and can be used at its Yishun, JCube & Suntec outlets. Giveaway ends on 19 Sep 2017 so participate HERE.

Useful Information

Diggersite @ Yishun
Address: 91 Lor Chencharu, Singapore 769201
Opening hours: Weekends 9am - 9pm
*Weekdays: Reserved for field trips and other events and will be closed for public.
Cost: $18 for 3 rides | $30 for 5 rides | $50 for 10 rides
Nearest MRT Station: Khatib

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darren rowse said...

A nice place for kids to learn many new skills, post is very informative, keep sharing!

prashant kumar said...

I Think kids are enjoying a lot. I am also very happy to see this.

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