Sep 25, 2017

Shipwreck, 3-storey Tower Structure or Climbing Net? Here're 3 FREE Newly-Opened Playgrounds in North-East Singapore!

Playgrounds are a great place to expend the kids' boundless energy. Even better, unique playgrounds that offer opportunities for kids to indulge in imaginative play is a huge plus.

Much like these three new playgrounds which opened recently in the north-eastern part of Singapore - two of them challenges kids to hone their climbing skills while the other comes in the form of a Shipwreck, inspiring kids to play and tell their own stories at the same time.

It's time to head outdoors this weekend! :)

Tampines Green Forest Park

If your kids love climbing, then this is the playground to bring them!

Situated along Tampines Ave 8 and just a stone's throw away from the new cluster of flats at Tampines Green Forest (Blocks 878A & 879A), this playground area consists of a three-storey tower structure and a sand playground for younger kids.

For older kids though, the highlight here has got to be the tower structure which comprises of three towers, a climbing cargo net, a long slide and a circular rope ladder. This is similar to the one found at Woodlands Waterfront, which the boys absolutely adored by the way.

Kids (or even adults) can scurry their way up the cargo netting to reach the first tower. From there, they will cross a series of cargo net bridges and be rewarded witha fast ride down the tall slide! However, the slide is still closed at the time of writing.

But something tells me the tall tower structures will be enough to keep the kids happy and well-exercised!

For younger kids who are not adept at climbing up tall structures yet, there is a multi-sensory playground structure located beside it. I have got to day this is one of the more comprehensive children's playground I have come across - ladders, climbing poles, ramps, bridges, interactive panels, a play-board with movable letters, as well as boards which allow kids to make sounds and music!

For even younger kids, there is a miniature playground located at Block 879B.

Shipwreck Playground at Compassvale Crescent

Have kids who love all things marine? Then the new Shipwreck playground at Sengkang's Compassvale Crescent (Blocks 286 & 289) will thrill them!

Paying homage to Sengkang Town's past history as a fishing village, the 'Ship Discovery' playground comes in the form of a great old ship which has gone down in a storm close to the shore. With its broken mast, ropes and wreckage lying around, everything is up to the kids' imagination.

Plenty of climbing ropes and balance beams dot around the structure, which challenges kids to test their balance and climbing skills.

Or should there be pirates, they can make a quick escape via the slide too!

 Need a quiet break? The hull of the ship is also home to a secret compartment for kids to head inside.

Personally, I find this playground to break the usual mould of how a children's playground should be and look like. It allows kids to be able to formulate their own stories while playing there so it's extremely refreshing indeed!

For younger kids, there is a smaller boat which comprises of the usual play structures located just opposite of the Shipwreck playground.

Kampung Admiralty

Kampung Admiralty in Woodlands is the first 'modern kampung' to integrate facilities where the old and young can play and exercise together. So expect to find residential units, medical services, childcare, eldercare, and shops all under one roof... including this climbing net playground!

Located on Level 6 of Kampung Admiralty (Block 676, Woodlands Drive 71), the play structure consists of a huge climbing net, a low-level rock climbing slope as well as a slide.

Nothing too fanciful, but it is worth a visit if you are heading to the newly-opened hawker centre at Level 2. A unique feature is each of the hawker stalls will offer at least one meal priced at $2.80! See the photos for some of the dishes. Definitely more affordable if you have kids with a big appetite... like mine. LOL.

And what better way to work up an appetite before meal time than to visit the playground, no?

If you know of any new and free playgrounds that have opened recently, do let me know too!

Useful Information

Tampines Green Forest Park
Blocks 878A & 879A, Tampines Ave 8, Singapore 521879

Shipwreck Playground @ Compassvale Crescent
Blocks 286 & 289, Compassvale Crescent, Singapore 541289

Kampung Admiralty
Block 676, Woodlands Drive 71, Singapore 730676
(Beside Admiralty MRT)

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Try the 3 new playgrounds at Green Circle in Woodlands, near Admiralty Primary School.

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