Oct 30, 2017

Ale, it's your Birthday. Again. *SNIFF*

With the monkies growing day by day, I am constantly reminded of the fact that I am getting older. you know, having to deal with grey hair, crow feet around the eyes, shrinking clothes and all. But the biggest indication that I AM TRULY aging is that the monkies' birthdays seem to be happening all too fast for my liking. 

It is one of those days, today. AGAIN.

A celebration of the birth of Ale, our immeasurable blessing, our daughter gifted to us 7 years ago. 

And it has been another year in the life of the Diva.

Somehow she is even more beautiful, blossoming into a wondrous young woman. She is also getting a personality and forming plenty of opinions of her own... which to be fair, is much better than not having any. 

A part of me screams "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO GROW UP SO FAST???"

Because birthdays are days where I feel ancient and lost.  I refuse to accept how quickly she is growing up.  It is another day closer to the end where she remains my little girl.  It is another day closer to where I have to deal with some young punk turning up at my home, trying to take her from me... and giving him the warning of his lifetime. Which is a different post for a different day.

Ale, you and your brothers are the light of my life, the live-wire of my heart, a pick-me-up for my soul. You have grown so much in these past 7 years. You make you Mummy and me laugh all the time and you love to laugh with us. You bring a new aspect to our lives that we never knew could be so enriching.

Even though it pains me to know that you will not be needing me as much as you grow older, I will never stop being there for you. Because I am a better person for being your Dad. It is my honour and the BEST job in the whole wide world.

Happy 7th birthday, my precious. I love you to bits.

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