Dec 11, 2017

FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point Makes Grocery Shopping Great (for Kids) Again!


Since becoming a parent, everyday things that used to be easy have become a challenge. Like finding time to cut my toenails. Sitting down to finish a poop book. Or going grocery shopping.

Yes yes, I know I can just shop online and save myself all the hassle. But I'm a bit strange and actually enjoy going to the supermarket. When I had to brave the supermarket with the monkies in tow when they were younger, it was usually a hit-and-miss affair - some days they are angels and others they are rearranging the products ON THE FLOOR in aisle 3.

Now that they are older, the exasperating antics have been replaced by exasperation FROM them. Are we done yet? The supermarket is so boring. Why do we have to be here? You get the idea.

Well, that was until the monkies discovered FairPrice Xtra hypermarket at Jurong Point.

I'm sure all of you should be familiar with FairPrice Xtra, a hypermarket chain that offers a wider range of goods than the usual FairPrice supermarket.

FairPrice Xtra has renovated its Jurong Point hypermarket with better product curation and unique customer experiences.

The most significant additions to FairPrice Xtra at Jurong Point includes clearly demarcated shopping areas within the hypermarket to enhance the shopping experience.

The revamped areas features distinct zones that group merchandise and activities based on specific shopper needs, including “Health and Beauty Zone”, “Healthy Eating Zone”, “The Kitchen Zone” and “Parenting Zone”. Evidently, the final zone was what attracted the monkies most but I promise I will get to that later.


The Health & Beauty zone features an integrated Unity Pharmacy store and provides personal care, wellness, senior care and adult nutrition products and even offers beauty products from South Korea!

Like REDOXON TRIPLE ACTION (Blackcurrant) vitamin supplements with Vitamin C, D & Zinc that helps to enhance the diet by sustaining general health and support for the immune system. In addition, it helps protect against oxidative stress linked to conditions or situations like pollution.

But more than that, customers can also enjoy wellness advisory and services at Unity, including the purchase of assistive products for the elderly.

Fans of Korean cosmetic and skincare products will do well to head to the Health & Beauty Zone, which is well-stocked with a WIDE range of products from Korea.

FairPrice Xtra has carefully selected the best sell-able products of the individual brands and brought them to its Jurong Point branch. Well-known Korean skin care products include A.H.C, A By Bom, Banila Co, Coreana, Dr Jart, JayJun, Leaders, Mediheal, Papa Recipe, Shangpree, and SNP.

Okay, I have to admit those brands sound foreign to me but what I do know is a guiding principle in how FairPrice Xtra picks the products to be sold in its stores is that they must be suitable for use in our local climate.

So I may be clueless when it comes to cosmetic products - yes, that's why I am no beauty blogger - but mention organic products and I get all interested!


The organic section at FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point has got to be one of the biggest that I have ever seen in a supermarket.

In fact, you can find over 2,190 organic, free from, natural and low-GI and fresh produce here. Even better, set within the zone includes an event space where related activities such as healthy cooking demonstrations will be conducted.

Some notable products that the monkies sussed out include this Fewster’s Farm organic Jarrah Honey which is certified organic, Low GI, and Anti-bacterial (Total Activity 10+).

And knowing how the wifey loves cider drinks, Ash found the Weston Wyldwood Organic Cider which is FairPrice's only organic cider and to my understanding - meaning that I have consulted my best friend, Google - it offers an unrivalled rich and medium-dry flavour. Oh, and it is great value too, with an attractive pricing for a 500ml organic product of this quality outstanding heritage. Because in case you didn't know, Westons have been making cider since 1888!

As for Ale, I predictably found her at her favourite section - Potato chips!

If you are there, do keep a lookout for LISA'S ORGANIC POTATO CHIPS (bottom row in the photo above). From one of Germany's largest Organic Crispy producer, the chips are made from whole premium potato (with skin on) and kettle-cook them in high quality sunflower oil. Best of all, they are gluten-free.

Looking for organic vegetables, you will find one of largest selection of vegetables here too - and at a highly affordable price too!

Pasar Organic, a housebrand of NTUC FairPrice, offers a wide variety of fresh organic produce at best value and quality. The NTUC FairPrice Organic Assurance Programme (NOAP), Singapore's first organic quality assurance programme, has been developed by NTUC FairPrice which serves to ensure that the Pasar Organic produce adheres to stringent practices throughout the entire supply chain from farm to store.

And to my surprise, buying organic vegetables need not be a costly affair either.

A bag of Chinese Spinach for $2.20? You got that right!


As its name implies, this section is where you will find all of the food produce to feed your village at home.

Want fresh sushi? Make a beeline to Mr Sushi - a sushi specialist since 1993 - where all of its sushi are handmade daily in at the outlet.

And who knows, you may just score a special deal sometimes too!

At Crea Cook Seafood, get ready to tuck into seafood favourites, including crustaceans and molluscs, which have already been cooked. How's that for convenience?

Ale immediately zoomed onto her fave seafood - live cooked prawns which are farmed in sea water, and are fresh, healthy and ready to eat.

You can also find Swee Heng Bakery at FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point too. There is a huge variety of buns and bread products sold here.

Depending on whether you have sweet or savoury tastebuds, the Coconut Almond Raisin Loaf and Smoked Chicken & Cheese Loaf come highly recommended. A cluster of 6 buns which makes it ideal for whole family, they are freshly baked daily in Singapore and are made from Japanese flour which contributes to the soft and fully nature. The loaves have 15% lower in sugar content and are Halal and ISO 22000 certified.

If you are feeling carnivorous, The Mëat Specialist is where you should be at. Here, you can find a range of freshest quality meat where minimum preservatives are used and only the best ingredients are used for productions.

Other than the above-mentioned sections, there are the usual fresh seafood and frozen sections to round up your grocery shopping needs.


Now we come to the zone where the monkies found it to be the most engaging.

With its family-oriented focus, this zone includes FairPrice’s largest range of over 1,250 baby and children related products including formula milk, diapers, toys and clothes.

The zone also features a KidsMart interactive play area that includes miniaturized shelves and shopping baskets for children to engage in imaginative play where they may shop for groceries while learning simple concepts such as managing their shopping budget and selecting items from a shopping list.

There is also an event space for children to participate in fun interactive games.

Personally, I love the idea of getting the kids involved during supermarket runs. Not only is there a strong sense of fun, it encourages kids to take the reins and get involved in the shopping experience, rather than drag their heels as they are taken on yet another circuit of the same old boring supermarket.

Oh, and I also simply adore the wider shopping aisles at the hypermarket which makes it feel so much more spacious and less claustrophobic.

How wide are the aisles? Let the monkies show you.

One of the newest inclusion is Tesco Finest - a new store-in-store grocery retail experience over 400 Tesco products including “free-from” products, such as items without gluten or trans fat.

Add the widest selection of its wines available in Singapore to that, and I think the selection speaks for itself.

I think Ayd fully agrees. :)

I then ended our supermarket experience by letting the monkies scan for our purchases at the end of it all.

But I still paid for everything in the end though. Darn.

But at least the monkies had plenty of fun shopping for groceries this time!

And because FairPrice Xtra's 10th anniversary, all shoppers who shopped at FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point will receive a $10 return voucher when they spend $100 at FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point (excluding Unity in FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point) from now to 13 Dec. *The $10 return voucher can be used with a minimum spend of $50 in the next purchase. The redemption of the voucher can be used from 7 Dec to 20 Dec 2017. Other conditions apply,

But that's not all. There are plenty of in-store events and activities for families happening for the rest of December:

Largest Brownie Christmas Tree
16 Dec 2017 | 1-5pm
Be part of a record breaking event to create the largest Christmas tree decorated with freshly baked brownies, and make our mark in the Singapore Book of Records!

Roving Magician Shows
16 & 17 Dec 2017 | 11-12pm, 2-3pm, 4-5pm, 6-7pm
Catch incredible tricks and performances by a roving magician.

Interactive Projection Games
19 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018 | 9am-12am
Participate in kids- and family-friendly activities, including interactive projection games.

20 Dec, 23 & 24 Dec, 30 & 31 Dec 2017 | 12pm-2pm, 2pm-4pm
During this period, participate in interactive projection challenge and stand a chance to win attractive prizes!

Cupcake Workshop
23 & 24 Dec 2017 | 12-1pm, 2-3pm & 4-5pm
Learn to bake and decorate your own goodies at the Cupcake Workshop.

Busking Shows
23 & 24 Dec 2017 | 11-12pm, 2-3pm, 4-5pm, 6-7pm
Sing along to your favourite Christmas carols with entertaining buskers.

Useful Information

FairPrice Xtra Jurong Point
63 Jurong West Central 3 #03-01
Jurong Point Singapore 648331
Opens for 24 hours

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