Feb 1, 2018

One-stop Shopping at Warehouse Club for All your CNY Needs!


After having so much fun during our Christmas shopping at Warehouse Club last month, the monkies were desperately looking for another excuse to head down once again.

And the chance arrived... thanks to the all-important Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations!

CNY is one the the wifey's and my favourite festive periods of the year because not only do we get to visit relatives that we seldom get together with, nothing binds all of us quite like FOOD! (Although the monkies will beg to differ because you know, angpows)

But speaking of food, CNY is the time to stock up on everything food-related... from goodies and treats to mandarin oranges and steamboat stuff. And Warehouse Club is the one-stop supermarket for all your CNY needs!

In case you do not already know, Warehouse Club is a membership-based warehouse retail format of NTUC Fairprice Co-operative Ltd located at FairPrice Hub next to Joo Koon MRT Station. Members get to enjoy exclusive and BIG savings on bulk buys, value packs and multi-packs. Just like these Super Deals that the monkies spotted the moment they stepped into the mega-supermarket.

Here's a tip - the best buys are ALWAYS located at the front of the store including the Clearance Sale section where you may just pick up some nifty and cheap buys!

As the monkies found out during their last visit, the unique feature about Warehouse Club is it offers value to shoppers by selling items in bulk packs, value packs and multi-packs - all at great prices. Most importantly though, a lot of its products sold in the store are HUGE.

And just like last time, the monkies were at it once again, attempting to outdo one another by seeing who can spot the most number of products that were larger than life.

I think it was a tie... until Ale managed to fool everyone by hiding in one of the display shelves. LOL.

Well, that only goes to show how big the products are at Warehouse Club.

Not only that, expect to find special quality import brands such as Kirkland Signature from USA, Carrefour from France, Tesco from UK, Cheesecake Factory from USA, and Frosch from Germany. In particular, the Kirkland Signature range was extremely varied and offered value for money, like this huge bag of Frozen Blueberries which is going for $19.80 for a 2.27kg pack.

Or this giant bag of Frozen Stir Fry Vegetable Mix ($15.80 for 2.49kg) which provides convenience at its finest when you need to whip up a plate of vegetables at home quickly.

Got a sweet tooth? Stock up on these European Hazelnut Chocolates from Kirkland Signature at $23.95 per pack (48 pieces). They make great gifts for CNY too!

More than just food choices, Kirkland Signature's range also includes these Napkins which are going for $16.95 per 4-pack (260 sheets per roll).

Okay, so back to our CNY shopping because like I mentioned previously, Warehouse Club has got everything covered when it comes to CNY-related items.

See what I mean? All CNY goodies - you name it, they got it. Simple as that.

Ale was looking out for her fave snacks to slip into our shopping trolley... Redondo Assorted Wafer (CNY Tin) ($6.75 for a tin, 800g) and these giant packs of Fishball Crackers ($10.90 for 2, 400g each)!

The wifey though, had her sights set on these Organic Roasted Chestnuts ($12.95 for a 567g pack).

Me? I scooped up these bags of Pistachios and Roasted Cashews from Camel ($21.95 per 1kg pack). By the way, they are exclusive to Warehouse Club so you get to enjoy more savings here if love your nuts.

For CNY, chances are you are going to prepare a steamboat feast whether it is for the reunion dinner or during the CNY period. Which makes the massive chilled and frozen food section supremely important.

Here, you can find many frozen seafood and meat cuts that are not readily available at other supermarkets, many of which are jumbo sized which you should know by now, translates to cheaper prizes. Like this 2kg bag of Emerald Frozen Canadian Scallops that is going for $53.95... which is even cheaper than the last time we visited in November!

Oh, and remember I gave the spotlight to a handy steamboat pack during my last visit too? Now I have the legit excuse to purchase it.

For $99.85 I get all of the following PLUS it definitely takes the headache out of shopping for my steamboat reunion dinner!

Our dessert shall come in the form of this 7-inch Original Cheesecake ($26.90 for 964g pack) from The Cheesecake Factory which I am sure the monkies will approve!

And no, the monkies did not forget about the Chiller room either.

To the adults, the chiller is one cold room which are filled with vegetable and fruit produce. But to kids, it is a place where they feel like they are transported to a cold country... because it is really THAT cold!

Of course, here is where you will find a wide selection of Mandarin Oranges which are a must-have for CNY.

For me, I was happy to see that my fave Japanese cucumbers are still going at $2 per 1kg pack. I kid you not when I say these are the best, freshest and crunchiest cucumbers that I tasted all my life. Ash love them too!

But I digress.

Because what's a CNY celebration without some big time feasting, no? Place your Deli orders at the CNY booth at Warehouse Club, which is offering a Triple Braised Delight of Pork Belly, Chicken and Duck at $50.80 per set and a Bountiful Fortune of Roast Suckling Pig, Roast Chicken and Roast Duck at $198 per set.

Round everything up with cans of abalone and I think the CNY shopping is complete.

 Oh wait, how can forget the booze???

Which should I pick - Three bottles of Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon for $48 OR six bottles of Vina Eguia Crianza for $109?

No doubt that one needs to be a member to shop at Warehouse Club. But you do NOT have to be a member to enter and browse.

Just make a trip down with kids and let them run amok along the giant aisles as you scrutinise the products and their prices. If the savings make sense to you, just sign up on the spot and you can start shopping immediately!

And it certainly makes sense to join NOW instead of later because, it only costs $10 for NTUC Members/FairPrice Members & Shareholders and $20 for the Public for a 1-year membership! On top of this, you receive a $5 voucher in return which means you effectively only pay $5 for a 1-year membership if you are a NTUC member, FairPrice member and shareholder! Promotion is valid until 31 March 2018.

Do take note of the extended opening hours of Warehouse Club this CNY period too, and remember to redeem your FREE festive packets if you spend above $50 in one receipt!

If it isn't already obvious enough, you will know that the monkies absolutely love shopping at Warehouse Club. I love it too, especially how the store’s wide aisles and large spaces make it a breeze for families with kids (and even prams) to navigate around.

The over-sized products will fascinate the kids, while adults will be able to stock up on daily essentials and items for the parties and festive occasions. (TIP: you can browse the e-catalog HERE)

Looks like we will be paying Warehouse Club another visit before CNY then.

Useful Information

Warehouse Club
Address: 1 Joo Koon Circle, Level 3, Singapore 629117
Tel: 6710 4584
Opening Hours: 10.00 AM - 9.00 PM (Mon - Fri) | 09.00 AM - 9.30 PM (Sat & Sun)
E-catalog HERE
Website: www.warehouseclub.com.sg

*Prices indicated are correct at time of writing.

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