Mar 18, 2018

Nutrients Essential for Eye Health are Power Packed into this one Bottle!


Our eyesight is probably the most important of our five senses. And like it or not, eye health goes hand-in-hand with general health which makes it essential for us to keep our eyes healthy. But truth is, our eyes are exposed to aggressors, such as UV light from the sun, air pollution and chlorine in water every single day... whether we realise it or not.

And because I have a day job and am a blogger by night, my eyes are used to working overtime every day. Ditto for the monkies too, who spend long hours stressing their eyes doing their daily homework.

Which is why the wifey and I make it a point to bring the kids outdoors come every weekend to give our eyes a break. Even better if the surroundings consist of lots of greenery!

But resting your eyes is only part of the solution. Consuming the right nutrients is important, if not, even more important for total eye health. too. For that, I need ALL the help I can get.

And it comes in the form of one tiny bottle.

BRAND’S® Berry Essence is fortified with Vitamin A, C, E & Zinc, making it a delicious, nutritious treat for healthy eyes.

To top everything off, the Berry Essence is free of preservatives and artificial food colouring. Extremely important since it is also suitable for the monkies!

Okay, so now comes the big question - HOW DOES IT TASTE?

Just because the bottle contains the word 'Essence', the monkies thought it would taste like Chicken Essence. LOL! I reassured them that it did not taste like that and that they might even like it.

Well, turns out all three of them loved the taste!

The Berry Essence tastes sweet - but not decadently sweet - with a thicker-than-water texture. The recommended frequency is one bottle every morning. Because that provides our eyes with the perfect nourishment to get through the entire day.

You can drink it direct from the bottle – chilled or at room temperature.

Personally, I like the taste of the Berry Essence. It has that effect of 'waking' me up in the morning! I foresee it being a lifesaver during exam period when the monkies are suffering from tired eyes after all the revision.

Realistically, getting the monkies (and myself) to eat seven different types of berries on a daily basis is never going to work.

Drinking one bottle of Berry Essence that’s fortified with Vitamin A, C and E & Zinc, however, is ridiculously easy.

With just one bottle of BRAND'S Berry Essence a day, my family gets all the essential nutrients which are vital for healthy eyes. And it is super convenient too!


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