Mar 4, 2018

Flying on SWISS from Singapore to Zurich

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It has been three months since we returned from our epic trip to Switzerland and Germany, and the monkies still cannot get over how fun it was... they especially enjoyed the cold (and snow) tremendously!

Our trip first saw us fly to Zurich on Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) from Singapore. And if you are a parent, you will understand how torturous it can be when it comes to waiting with kiddos in tow. Luckily with a few clicks of the mouse, I was able to check-in online 23 hours before our departure, select our seats and we were able to breeze right through the airport and to our seats on the day of our departure!

Our flight to Zurich departed at around midnight and arrived in Zurich early morning - exactly what the wifey and I love as overnight flights mean the monkies will be able to sleep during the flight and awaken once the plane lands in the morning. The best timing to start our Zurich adventure if you ask me!

To further enhance the comfort of SWISS passengers' travel experience, SWISS Choice offers a range of additional new services for before, during and after flight that allow you to make your journey even more pleasant - like the booking your preferred seat in advance with a seat with extra legroom.

You can even surprise your special someone on your SWISS flight by booking a Special Surprise in advance! Celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Book an on-board surprise, and the SWISS crew will serve champagne, truffles or pralines to the passenger you are thinking of.

As for the monkies, the surprise for them came in the form of the SWISS' in-flight entertainment.

From Hollywood movies and the latest TV series to over 400 different music albums and games, there were plenty of kid-friendly options for the monkies to choose from.

In fact, there is even a dedicated SWISS kids music channel just for the little ones coupled with specially curated kids' films, cartoons and computer games.

But I have to give a special mention to SWISS' in-flight navigation channel. If your child (or even you!) is an aviation geek, then he or she will be glued to this screen most of the time. The details and exterior flight cams are one of the most comprehensive I have ever seen, offering detailed information of our flight path during the entire duration. So if your child has the (irritating) tendency to keep asking "Are we there yet?" on a flight, this is a lifesaver!

My lifesaver though, came in the form of the in-flight meals which for some reason, it is something the monkies look forward to every single time we hit the skies.

With food and the in-flight entertainment system, I think they stopped talking to me from that moment on. LOL.

Not that I have any complaints. I could enjoy my chips, white wine and Captain Underpants movie (don't judge) quietly.

On long haul flights, SWISS offers the choice of two hot meals: One is for meat-lovers, and the other is a vegetarian alternative. As with most flight carriers, kids are given special priority and served first. On SWISS flights though, an extra touch comes in the form of a special kids tray with additional goodies like a packet drink and chocolate.

I'm so jealous!

For toddlers, SWISS also serves special baby meals on all flights including special children's menus which will be provided on request.  These special menus are free of charge and can be ordered up to 24 hours before departure.

As for the adults' meal options, they did not disappoint. The meals also came with Swiss gruyère cheese, which I thought was a nice touch given that we were landing in a country that is famed for some of the best cheeses in the world.

Besides the personal entertainment screen, SWISS helps to keep the little ones occupied by dishing out puzzles, colouring books and other toys too. Definitely most helpful for longer haul flights!

Should you prefer to spend the flying time catching up on your reading, SWISS also offers free eJournals that you can download onto your smartphone, tablet or laptop before you travel.

Comprising of 430 titles in over 10 languages, you get to read the latest daily newspapers or favourite magazines at any time and anywhere.

As for me, I was just thankful for the internet connection (extra payment required) during my flight which allowed me to update my Instagram at 10,972m above sea level!

SWISS Connect offers internet connection on board the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300 flights. Based on my personal surfing experience, the WiFi connection is fast enough to access emails, use social media sites and surfing the Internet.

The Swiss is known for consistently offering impeccable service and our SWISS flight to Zurich was just that - a solid in-flight experience with comfortable seats, good food and friendly service from the flight attendants. It was a comfortable option for heading to Europe - even in economy. Surprisingly, the food ended up being one of the highlights of our flight for the monkies as they absolutely polished off everything!

Most importantly, our flight to Zurich were uneventful - the best scenario a parent can possibly hope for when travelling with children.

And with that, it was time to begin our Zurich adventure!

P.S. In case you missed my previous post, I had shared how you are able to save more money if you want to visit several more destinations in Europe by purchasing an open jaw ticket. And it is also usually cheaper than purchasing two one-way tickets! Read more HERE.

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