Apr 3, 2018

Your Family-friendly Guide to 3 Weekends of Fun at Singapore Heritage Festival 2018

The Singapore Heritage Festival (SHF) returns for its 15th year this April, with an island-wide celebration of Singapore’s heritage and culture across three weekends! From 6 to 22 April 2018, take the kids and partake in the island-wide celebration of Singapore’s heritage and culture with plenty of FREE activities.

From catching a film at a drive-in cinema reminiscent of Jurong in the 70s, to delving straight into a street party at Armenian Street or even getting some quality local hawker fare at pop-up food stalls beside the iconic Dragon Playground, there is something for everyone!

There are plenty of guided walks, talks and exhibitions throughout SHF 2018 but I have picked out the best family-friendly (and free!) activities for you over the next three weekends. Personally, I am looking forward to the events happening at the Dragon Playground in Toa Payoh. So just follow my guide and you are good to go!

6 - 8 April 2018 Weekend

Jurong Drive-in Cinema
6 - 8 Apr | 7 PM - 11 PM | Jurong Town Hall (9 Jurong Town Hall Road) | Free Admission,available on a first come first served basis

The Jurong Drive-In Cinema on Yuan Ching Road opened in July 1971, featuring mainly first-run English language films and Hong Kong action movies. Families and friends gathered at this iconic outdoor cinema to enjoy movies under the stars, while couples enjoyed the intimate confines of their cars for a romantic movie experience.

Join in the nostalgia as SHF recreates this not-to-be-missed experience at the Jurong Town Hall, with popular flicks such as The Big Boss – where Kung Fu maestro Bruce Lee made his feature film debut.

*Advisory: To enjoy the movies, limited seats are available for visitors who are not driving.

Movie line-up
Friday, 6 April
9.35pm : The Provision Shop

Saturday, 7 April
6.30pm : Cleopatra Wong
9.00pm : Chicken Rice Wars

Sunday, 8 April
7.30pm : Ah Boys to Men 3: Frogmen

Disco Party
6 - 8 Apr | 5 PM - 11 PM | Jurong Town Hall (9 Jurong Town Hall Road) | Free Admission

Boogie and show off your best dance moves! Join our energetic instructors and learn simple moves, or freestyle the night away, inspired by the global disco culture that reached its peak in the 1970s with the hit movie Saturday Night Fever.

Singapore Hawkerpreneurs
6 - 8 Apr | 5 PM - 11 PM | Jurong Town Hall (9 Jurong Town Hall Road) | Free Admission

Celebrate our hawker heritage by feasting on favourites such as putu mayam, fishball noodles and rendang in an alfresco setting. Trade recipes with our Singapore Hawkerpreneurs, who have built their businesses through passion and grit. Taste their creations – from those with a modern twist, to traditional comforts – and hear their stories of perfecting their culinary craft.

Jurong Songbook by Sweet Tooth
06 Apr - 08 Apr | 6 PM, 7.15 PM, 8.30 PM, 9.45 PM | Jurong Town Hall | Free Admission with Registration

Enter the colourful world of Jurong Songbook! You’ll meet a rubber plantation worker telling you his tale, army soldiers struggling to frog jump up Peng Kang Hill or find yourself as a guest at the opening ceremony of a brand new factory! Such are the sights and sounds, colourful characters and stories that will come to life from with-in and with-out dioramas to capture Jurong from her early beginnings to present times. Immersive and interactive, Jurong Songbook is a theatrical adventure that captures in vivid snatches, chapter after chapter, the Jurong story told through music & song sequences, storytelling and performance. Come and rediscover the origins and evolutions of this fascinating and cherished Singapore district. Register HERE.

13 - 15 April 2018 Weekend

New World at Tyrwhitt
13 & 14 Apr | 5 PM - 10.30 PM | 117 Tyrwhitt Road | Free Admission

Relive the excitement and buzz of the 'Worlds' Amusement Parks of the pre-war era - where people from all walks of life could come together to enjoy a range of groovy music, exciting attractions and spectacles. Glam up and get ready to enjoy the night by grooving to the lively beat and rhythms of the joget dance with a performance by NADA; check out budding indie artists belting out original tunes; and let yourself be entertained by our selection of films bursting with local flavour.

On 13th April, rock to the beat of punk rock with a selection of Singapore's own local boy bands such as Attention the New Portsdown and Take Off; be entertained by a cabaret performance and catch a dose of local comedy with the screening of Wayang Boy on the street.

On 14th April, relax to a musical tapestry woven by the likes of acclaimed local musician Randolf Arriola and chillwave artist Houg; enjoy a street opera performance and take a peak into the Worlds' Amusement Park of yesteryear, as reimagined in the local film Its a Great, Great World.

Big Road Market
13 & 14 Apr | 5 PM - 10.30 PM | 117 Tyrwhitt Road | Free Admission

Visit a Creative Market along Tyrwhitt Road where artists, designers, makers and craftsmen bring out their best and newest collections, including pieces designed and made in the Jalan Besar Neighbourhood. Drop by to shop from a thoughtfully curated selection of products, and chat with the creatives to find out more about the stories and inspirations behind the design and production process.

20 - 22 April 2018 Weekend

Toa Payoh - Games of the 60s and 70s
7 Apr, 14 Apr, 21 Apr | 3 PM, 4 PM, 5 PM (30 minutes per session) | Toa Payoh Hub Atrium | Free Admission

Head to SHF @ Toa Payoh and meet characters from Singapore's past such as a hardworking policeman, an enterprising Indian Dhobi, a generous Towkay, an energetic Agogo girl and more. Look out for these characters at Toa Payoh HDB Hub and snap a photo with them, and feel free to chat with them and ask them about their daily lives and work. You may also get a chance to play old school games with them, such as five stones, zero point and kuti kuti!

2nd and 3rd Generation Hawkers
21 & 22 Apr | 5 PM - 10 PM | Toa Payoh Dragon Playground (28 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh) | Free Admission

Head down to the festival to witness those who were inspired by their parents (or even grandparents!) to carry on the hawker trade by taking over their stalls, and the family recipe to ensure their delicious and popular dishes will be around for future generations to savour. A spread of local delights have been carefully curated, featuring a diverse group of 2nd and 3rd generation hawkers who will be serving up an assortment of scrumptious food suitable for all.

Heritage Car Flea
21 & 22 Apr | 5 PM - 10 PM | Toa Payoh Dragon Playground (28 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh) | Free Admission

Admire a line-up of vintage vehicles up close as they are displayed alongside stalls selling products lovingly created by local artisans. A unique experience not to be missed, these rarely seen heritage cars double up as a perfect photo opportunity! Specially curated flea market stalls will feature nostalgia-inducing items related to Singapore’s history and the good old days, guaranteed to make you smile as you reminisce on once-forgotten memories.

LED Dragon Dance Performance
21 & 22 Apr | 5 PM - 10 PM | Toa Payoh Dragon Playground (28 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh) | Free Admission

Grew up imagining fire spewing from the mouth of the dragon and running as fast as you could along its back? Watch the Dragon Playground of your dreams come to life with this LED Dragon Dance Performance as it weaves through the crowd in an off-stage dynamic performance.

Movie Under The Stars
21 & 22 Apr | 7.45 PM - 10 PM | Toa Payoh Dragon Playground (28 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh) | Free Admission

Toa Payoh’s first cinema opened in 1972 and was located near the Toa Payoh library with its iconic fountains, and, for close to fifteen years, it screened mainly Chinese films, Hong Kong films and even North Korean films! Go back in time with screenings of locally produced movies under the stars, bringing you which will bring you on an emotional journey filled with the possibility of laughter, or even and tears. Bring your picnic mats to lounge around the field and enjoy a relaxing night with your family and friends! Limited seating will be provided.

21 Apr (Sat), 7.45 PM - 10 PM: Long Long Time Ago
22 Apr (Sun), 7.45 PM - 10 PM: Long Long Time Ago 2

A day @ Toa Payoh MRT Station by Pei Chun Public School
21 Apr | 10 AM - 11.30 AM | Toa Payoh MRT Station | Free Admission

Join in the fun at A day @ Toa Payoh MRT Station with a slew of exciting programmes. Be fascinated by the soothing brush strokes of Chinese Calligraphy, watch players checkmate opponents in Chinese Chess, and witness an enthralling Wushu performance proudly presented by the students of Pei Chun Public School.


Armenian Street Party
20 & 21 Apr | 7 PM - 11 PM | Armenian Street & Peranakan Museum | Free Admission

With an array of new exhibitions, guided tours, theatre performance, and even a street party, there's so much going on in the Bras Basah.Bugis precinct this SHF! Gather your kakis and transport yourselves back to those groovy days of the past with the Armenian Street Party: Balik Kampong 2.0. Come dressed in your most fabulous outfits, best batik prints, saris, and slinky cheongsams. Enjoy comedic performances, traditional games, and you dance around around the block all night. Grab tasty bites too and enjoy a mix of old and new local flavours. An extravaganza awaits at Armenian Street!

Don't Play Play!
20 & 21 Apr | 7 PM - 11 PM | Armenian Street Alleyway | Free Admission

Part of Armenian Street Party, play the games of yesteryear with a twist. Try your skills at giant-sized pick-up sticks and jenga, and hopscotch down the block.

Lelong Lelong! Kacang Puteh Giveaway
20 & 21 Apr | 7 PM - 11 PM | Armenian Street Alleyway | Free Admission

Part of Armenian Street Party, lepak and grab a free kacang puteh in the alleyway transformed into a park, reminiscent of kampong days right here in the city.

.gif part of Armenian Street Party
20 & 21 Apr | 9.30 PM | Armenian Street | Free Admission

#Supportlocal! Catch Singaporean artist duo .gif in action, as they create galaxies of sounds with singing, vocal percussion, and a mix of electronic instrumentation.

OH! Corak Corak
20 Apr - 21 Apr | 7 PM - 12 AM | Peranakan Museum | Free Admission

Back by popular demand, enter OH! Corak Corak and be charmed by colourful finds from the collection of the Peranakan Museum. This walk-in kaleidoscope acts as a portal, taking audiences on a treasure hunt of amazement. A multi-sensorial art experience like no other, OH! Corak Corak promises to be dreamlike, surreal, and fun for all. And instagramable too!

Live Dig: Don't Feed the Archaeologists
6 Apr - 8 Apr, 11 Apr - 15 Apr, 18 Apr - 22 Apr | 10 AM - 5 PM | Singapore Art Museum | Free Admission

Visit the ongoing archaeological investigation on SAM's Front Lawn and take a look at how archaeologists work, as they explore the possibility of uncovering historical artefacts from years past!

The More We Get Together: Playgrounds 1930 - 2030
20 Apr - 22 Apr | 10 AM - 7 PM | National Museum of Singapore | Free admission for Citizens, Permanent Residents and visitors aged 6 years and below

From the iconic dragon playgrounds of the 1970s to today’s modern inclusive versions, playgrounds have informed our collective experience of growing up in Singapore. The More We Get Together: Singapore's Playgrounds 1930 – 2030 is an exhibition developed by the National Museum of Singapore in collaboration with the Housing Development Board. It covers the historical development of Singapore’s playgrounds, culminating in projections of future playgrounds imagined by Singaporeans. *The exhibition will run until 30 Sep.

Useful Information

Singapore Heritage Festival 2018
6 - 22 April 2018
Various locations
Website: heritagefestival.sg

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